Cosentino International sensation magician brings his newest show to Marina Bay Sands Singapore 

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You may not have heard of Cosentino if you haven’t been to Australia recently. All the rage at venues there and around the world, an illusionist for the new age. Cosentino, wows audiences with his distinctive presentation of seemingly impossible feats of legerdemain. How does he do it? We will most likely never know. The brain-churning effect of watching Magic is that it had us asking questions well after we leave the auditorium. 

Dance, magic, and audience participation are all part of the colourful mix that Cosentino serves up as “DECENNIUM” (named in honour of his TEN YEARS of entertaining with magic) before awestruck audiences. Watch and wonder as he conjures with snakes pyrotechnics, and, for a finale, escapes (while manacled numerous times, padlocked, bound, and submerged in a tank of water. How does he do it?

Knowing that you will never know, just sit back and enjoy the confounding, enigmatic spectacle – right in front of your eyes!! Ninety minutes after you take your seat in the packed Sands theatre, you rise, and walk out a different person – at least one whose senses have been regaled and charmed by a spectacle with music and humour, at once immense and intimate – DECENNIUM. Want romance, comedy, and drama? You have come to the right show.

In 2011, the young illusionist was a finalist in the “Australia’s Got Talent” show performing his unique brand of illusion at an early stage in his stage career. During the competition for the show, Cosentino escaped from a locked straight jacket suspended six meters in the air. Picking nine locks while completely submerged in a tank on stage, he, once again improbably prevails. In 2010, locked to a concrete block, at the Melbourne aquarium, he was submerged for three and a half minutes struggling with a recalcitrant belly lock while surrounded by rays and sharks. The audience was mesmerized and a tad fearful until the star finally emerged, unscathed, but perhaps a tad fearful himself. 

Says the Illusionist: 

My brand-new stage spectacular Decennium is a celebration of everything I have achieved over the last decade and all of the pieces in this show have been chosen for a reason as they represent a significant time and place within my career.

I’m so proud of Decennium, it’s the best production I have ever created, and I can’t wait to take it on the road.

A major international phenomenon in the world of on-stage illusion, rousing stage choreography and audience participation (caution: some volunteers are sawn in half, or even thirds), Cosentino and “Decennium” are visiting Singapore while the public’s fascination with magic and illusion is riding on a wave. 

For the magician, himself:

Self-awareness is a key component of emotional intelligence … emotions lead to habits, which in turn create behaviours. As a magician, it’s unbelievably important.” Cosentino says being self-aware allows you to become more aware of the unspoken signals of others. 

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