A Company Owner, A Dog, and A Leaping Bunny – Cruelty-free Products from grace & stella

Janiqueel had a look at a unique brand of skincare products that promise that they are animal-friendly and cruelty-free.  

Let us remember that animals are not mere resources for human consumption. They are splendid beings in their own right, who have evolved alongside us as co-inheritors of all the beauty and abundance of life on this planet.

Marc Bekoff

Who is Stella? 
Who is Grace? 
Who (or what) is the leaping bunny?
What do they all have to do with skincare?

These important questions deserve answers:

Stella is the dog of the owner of Grace & Stella. The owner is Kailee. Her middle name is Grace. The Leaping Bunny is the eponymous of

…the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo. We work with companies to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy. 

Funny how disparate entities can come together, isn’t it? In this case, they’ve coalesced around a brand of skincare products that promote exceptional beauty results. What sets Grace & Stella apart, IMHO is the attention they give to the cruelty-free and eco-friendly aspects of their products. “All products are sulfate + paraben-free and made from clean ingredients.” I like that. I want to feel good about the products I’m using as well as the results they provide. Take Dr Pedicure Foot Peeling Mask, for instance.

Launched in 2016, the foot mask went viral almost instantly. “You’ll either absolutely love Grace & Stella’s Dr Pedicure Foot Peeling Mask or be totally grossed out. But we love to be totally grossed out temporarily for a long time of smooth skin satisfaction!” Say good-bye to rough, dry feet says Dr Pedicure. Like a mask for the face, this product goes on the other end of your body. Packaged with booties, it goes on your feet for an hour when it is peeled off. Exfoliation will happen naturally in the days following treatment exposing smooth, supple skin. High above those happy feet, a smile adorns the face of another satisfied customer.

Since 2016, Grace & Stella has branched out into products for all parts of the body. Shampoos, conditioners, hyaluronic serum, lotions, hand sanitizer, and I’m just getting started. Suffice it to say, there is a wide range of cruelty-free. Eco-sustainable products that will make you feel good inside and out.

Already one of the best-selling products after a March launch, Foaming Face Wash is fragrance-free. It’s a great way to deep cleanse the face from day-to-day impurities. It doubles as a makeup remover, too. AND it had a great motto, “There’s a party on my face and you’re invited!” I’m going!

If you have a dog, let her/him have a quick lick of your face after the Foaming Face Wash treatment. If you have a cat, hold it on your lap as you relax knowing that your pets and other “splendid beings in their own right” will somehow (in the great scheme of things) know that you care and that your beauty is not just skin deep. 

For more info, head over the Grace & Stella.

Research and writing help from animal lover JKJ.

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