Day 2 : Alcalá de Henares

Thanks Thai Airways for sponsoring my journey to Madrid! 😀 Lovely and gracious cabin crews to meet the passengers’ needs in this long overhaul flight. Transiting at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thai Airways operates direct flights between Bangkok and Madrid, one way for 13-hour.thaiairways

Torre de Santa María

The tower of the missing Church of Santa María, recently restored as a splended sight of the historical city, is preserved as a symbol related to Miguel de Cervantes’ life. Next to the tower there is the baptism chapel of the church where the author of Don Quixote was baptized in 9th October 1547.

 The view from the top of Torre de Santa María is breathtaking, isn’t it?

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Centro de Interpretacion Los Universos de Cervantes

The present complex consists of the Antezana and Oidor Chapel, the sacristy and the tower. Theses elements were part of the Santa María la Mayor Church, later disappeared in the Spanish Civil War (1936).

In this church we find the font where Miguel de Cervantes was baptized. Inside the Interpretation Centre, called “Cervantes’ Universes”, can be visited as a cultural space dedicated to the author of Don Quixote and his literary work.

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Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes

Old 16th century house belonging to the family of Miguel de Cervantes, where the author of the Quixote was born in 1547. The traditional living spaces of a Spanish house of that time are arranged around a beautiful patio of Renaissance columns, kitchen, dining room, lady labour room, sala de aparato (embroidery room), etc. There is a magnificent collection of anitque furniture and editions of Cervantes. The museum holds one of the best editorial collections of the Quixote in different languages.

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Las Esencias Del Gourmet

The wine connoisseur taught us how to taste and appreciate the wine. We also had wine pairing with cheese and Jamón ibérico. Burst with flavours! 

Address: Calle Mayor, 52, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, SpainDSC07637 (1024x680) DSC07638 (680x1024) DSC07639 (1024x680) DSC07640 (680x1024) DSC07643 (1024x680) DSC07644 (1024x680) DSC07645 (680x1024) DSC07647 (1024x680) DSC07649 (1024x680) DSC07652 (1024x680) DSC07654 (1024x680) DSC07656 (1024x680)

Restaurante Ambigú

Restaurante Ambigú offers its customers a variety of tapas and traditional dishes of Madrid cuisine. It is ideal for outdoor dining and celebration dinner groups, because it has different menus for groups. Everything’s delicious, plus, the service is cheerful and attentive too. 

Address: Calle Cervantes, 7, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, SpainDSC07658 (1024x680) DSC07660 (1024x680) DSC07663 (1024x680) DSC07665 (1024x680) DSC07668 (1024x680) DSC07669 (1024x680) DSC07670 (1024x680)

Le Corral de Comedias

The oldest theatre preserved in Europe was erected in 1601 thanks to a carpenter called Francisco Sanchez. Throughout the years it was prepared and set up depending on the period of time.

Nowadays, and after its restoration, we can admire in its architecture the  different typologies and stage elements, such as a classical comedy courtyard, a coliseum and a romantic theatre. At present it is used again as a theatre since its restoration by Jose Maria Perez Gonzalez.

DSC07683 (680x1024)DSC07685 (1024x680)

Universidad De Alcala

Founded in 1499, during the Renaissance, the “Complutense University” and built as the personal project of a Franciscan monk, names Cisneros. People like Nebrija, Quevedo, Calderon de la Barca. Lope de Vega or Tirso de Molina lived, taught and learned within the walls of this prestigious building. The is how Alcala De Henares was confirmed as a great centre of culture and worldwide knowledge.

The Main Collage consists of several cloisters: Santo Tomas de Villanueva, Patio de los Filosotos, Trilingue, Paraninto and the Chapel dedicated to San Ildefonso, where we can admire the tombs of Cardinal Cisneros made in marble.DSC07699 (1024x680)DSC07700 (680x1024)DSC07704 (1024x680)DSC07709 (1024x680)DSC07713 (680x1024)DSC07724 (1024x680)

Restaurante de Santo Tomas del Parador

It is located in a building of the seventeenth century former convent of Santo Tomas which is part of a World Heritage Site by Unesco, in the heart of a beautiful city like Alcalá de Henares whole. The history of the site contrasts with the modern decor of the restaurant, sculptural lamps and neutral colors that provide a framework for a cuisine based on the quality product with dishes of traditional materials and modern touches. The desserts are a must try like the delectable Costrada of Alcalá.

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Another great way to end the day with great food.

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