Discover the Extravaganza of FUSE: A Food, Retail & Entertainment Spectacle at Marina Bay Sands

Embark on an extraordinary journey of flavours, trends, and entertainment at FUSE, the highly anticipated Food, Retail & Entertainment exhibition, held at MBS from August 18 to 20. This unparalleled event invites you to explore a diverse array of innovative products from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. Delight in tantalizing culinary creations, trendy retail offerings, captivating stage performances, and engaging workshops, such as tarot reading, art & crafts, claw machines, and photo booths. Prepare yourself for a world of yummy, excitement, innovation, and entertainment like never before.

Highlighted below are some of the must-visit booths:


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Quench your thirst with the delightful coconut water flavors at COCOXIM. Treat yourself to velvety Chocolate Coconut Milk, invigorating Coffee Coconut Milk, and vibrant Citrus Coconut Water, promising a rejuvenating burst of taste.

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2. Bao Da Your Ex

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“Bao Da Your Ex” translates to “Smash Your Ex” in English, symbolizing negative emotions towards ex-partners while focusing on personal growth. Their unique “Smashing Zone” lets customers enjoy staff smashing drinks. Signature beverages like Smashed Iced Lemon Thai Tea and Smashed Iced Lemon Oolong Tea feature smashed ice and lime, creating a refreshing blend. Tornado Fries, served atop drinks, showcase spiralized potatoes with Mala and Original seasonings.

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3. Poh Cheu Kitchen

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Experience authentic and vibrant handcrafted kueh at Poh Cheu Kitchen, a beloved establishment crafting Savory Ang Ku Kueh, Fragrant Soon Kueh, and Delectable Abacus Seeds for over three generations since 1985.

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4. Johnlehleh

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Making their debut at the upcoming Fuse event, Johnlehleh aims to redefine Roti John with their unique fusion creations, from the timeless Original to the aromatic Masala Chicken and the flavorful Red Rendang. Their signature drink, Teh Piew, adds a delightful twist to the experience.

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5. Soul Good Food

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Treat your taste buds to the goodness of Soul Good Food’s carefully curated menus, featuring delightful dishes made with U.S. Chicken! With 7 delightful options to choose from such as the Fry Chicken Karaage and Sous Vide Slow Cooked Teriyaki Chicken Meat, you can savour a hassle-free cooking experience in under 15 minutes.

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6. Tiong Lian

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Tiong Lian will be bringing an irresistible Lok Lok concept, where you can choose your dreamy soup base and pair it with a mouthwatering array of Lok Lok options. But that’s not all! Delight in the Hello Kitty Sweet Taro Soup and Hello Kitty Red Bean Black Rice Soup for a sweet and charming finale!

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7. Food People

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Food People’s mission is to spread happiness with every bite, offering an extensive selection of Taiwan and Korean products for export. At FUSE, get ready to experience the delightful flavors of Taiwan Braised Pork Rice, the savory indulgence of Sausage Pancake Wrap with Chilli, and the refreshing tang of Aiyu Jelly with Lime.

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8. Astral Candy

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Step into the enchanting world of Astral Candy’s freeze-dried sweets, where Skittles, Gummy Burger, and Mars undergo a delightful transformation into irresistibly crunchy delights that melt in your mouth.

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9. Tartzan Bakery

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Savor the extraordinary taste of Tartzan Bakery’s tart shells, crafted with premium Lescure AOP French butter for an unparalleled flavor. Don’t miss their popular Lychee Rose tart and the enticing Hojicha Kinako tart, featuring delightful Hojicha ganache and Kinako whip.

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10. XO Ice

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Delight in the perfect fusion of Italian craftsmanship and Asian inspiration with our premium low-calorie gelato at XO Ice. Indulge in the smooth and delightful flavors that promise burst of happiness with each spoonful.

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Immerse yourself in the diverse offerings and engaging workshops at our event, featuring over 20 retail exhibitors from Thailand. Participate in captivating workshops by Flower Mansion and Artlette Art Studio, and explore fantastic retail stores like Starry Jewellery, endorsed by renowned content creator Debbie Soon, offering an incredible selection of Disney merchandise.

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Prepare to be mesmerized by the wonders of FUSE, where a world of delectable treats, trendy products, and enchanting experiences awaits. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to celebrate the best in food, retail, and entertainment at FUSE!

Dates: 18-20 August 2023
Time: 12pm – 10pm
Location: Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Hall A (Level 1)
Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

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