Eco-Adventures Unveiled: LooLa Resort, Where Sustainability Meets Serenity

Embracing the ethos of Jane Goodall’s vision, LooLa Eco Adventure Resort near Singapore on Bintan stands as an inspiring testament to sustainable living. Founded by the dynamic duo Marc van Loo and Isabelle Lacoste, the resort seamlessly combines educational eco-adventures with distinctive accommodations committed to green practices.

Since 2014, solar panels, courtesy of Singapore-based Resync, power the resort, aiming for complete reliance on sun energy. Bedrooms feature “cool cocoons,” ensuring a comfortably cool sleep experience. The innovative Cool Mattress by Singapore startup uCoolz further enhances the unique eco-friendly atmosphere.

Managed by the local community, LooLa promotes a new way of resort life through comfort and sustainability. The adventures commence after guests acclimate to the distinctive features, offering an array of customizable activities for all ages and abilities.

From raft design races, marine surveys led by marine scientists, and petanque to pizza-making on the beach with wood-fired ovens, LooLa promises an unforgettable eco-adventure. The Survivor Island experience encourages self-sufficiency under the stars, while a beachside rock climbing wall adds a thrilling dimension.

Petanque, a game similar to boules or bocce, adds a touch of friendly competition. Guests can try their hand at pizza-making on the beach, utilizing wood-fired ovens to bring their culinary creations to life. For the adventurous souls, the Survivor Island experience beckons – pitch a tent, dig a toilet, cook your food, and return to the resort after a night under the stars, filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Kayaking, coconut tree climbing, boat and boomnet jumping, gender equality programs, bonfires, and more await guests. LooLa’s diverse offerings include market tours, guided walks, and plant-based cooking experiences, contributing to an immersive and sustainable journey.

Amidst these activities, guests are encouraged to appreciate the magical environment while enjoying delicious food, all with the satisfaction of leaving the smallest carbon footprint. At LooLa, every moment is an invitation to relax, indulge, and revel in the joy of sustainable living. Experience the extraordinary – your adventure has just begun.

Thrill-seekers can scale the rock climbing wall strategically positioned with a mesmerizing ocean view. Kayaking, coconut tree climbing, and boat & boomnet jumping provide water-based adventures suitable for all ages. Gender equality programs, bonfires, obstacle courses, dragon boats, plant-based cooking, firefly boat tours, tie-dye workshops, volleyball, market and kampung tours, and guided walks ensure that every moment at LooLa is filled with meaningful experiences.

LooLa ‘s Safe Water Gardens stand as a testament to their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. These innovative gardens ingeniously integrate water purification systems with lush greenery, creating a harmonious environment that is both visually appealing and functional. By utilizing natural processes such as phytoremediation, these gardens purify water through the strategic placement of aquatic plants, effectively removing contaminants and enhancing the overall water quality. This eco-conscious approach not only ensures a safe and pristine water source for various resort activities but also showcases LooLa’s dedication to blending adventure with responsible environmental stewardship, making every guest’s experience not only thrilling but also environmentally conscientious.

And the adventure doesn’t stop there. LooLa’s commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of the guest experience. The resort invites guests to sit back, relax, and savor marvelous food while contemplating the enchanting environment they are a part of. Appreciating the feeling of leaving the smallest carbon footprint becomes second nature, creating a profound sense of well-being.

In essence, LooLa Eco Adventure Resort is a harmonious blend of eco-friendly innovation, immersive education, and sustainable living. It beckons travelers not just for a vacation but for a transformative experience that leaves an indelible mark on the heart and soul. As we reflect on our time at LooLa, the memories are not just of breathtaking landscapes and thrilling activities but of a profound connection to nature and a commitment to making a positive impact. LooLa, where every adventure is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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