Embark on a Legendary Lunar New Year Adventure at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort!

From traditional lion dances to building mighty dragons, experience a unique blend of culture and creative fun this Lunar New Year!

As the Year of the Dragon unfolds, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort invites all aspiring Ninjas to immerse themselves in a captivating LEGO NINJAGO experience. From January 18 to March 17, 2024, brace yourselves for an extraordinary journey along the Path of the Dragon. Where you’ll build, train, and unleash your inner Ninja in an exhilarating fusion of dragon energy and action-packed fun.

Master Lloyd, the wise Ninja leader, urgently calls upon you to save the dragons and thwart the sinister Lord Ras. Inspired by the gripping LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising series, your mission is to undergo various tests and trials along the Path of the Dragon. By completing challenges and taking the Ninja Oath, you will unlock your true potential. Ready to stand against evil and protect the dragons.

Upon entering the park, every Ninja will face an exciting choice – the elemental dragon power they wish to master. Engage in themed activities and interactive shows throughout the park to earn special stickers, guiding you towards unlocking your ultimate Ninja potential.

Are you up for the challenge? Don’t miss this unique Lunar New Year adventure filled with exclusive shows, awe-inspiring brick builds, and countless opportunities for Ninja fun at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort!

Live Performances:

  • LEGO NINJAGO & The Realm of Shadows: Immerse yourself in a live Japanese-puppet-style show with stunning visual mapping effects.
  • School of Spinjitsu: Learn the ultimate Ninja moves through a training-style show, mastering the art of posing, chopping, balancing, and spinning.
  • The Dragon’s Heartbeat: Dance to an epic drum performance and showcase your best Ninja moves at the ‘Whip Around’ Dance Party.
  • Ninjas Unite Celebration: Celebrate your Ninja achievements with your favorite LEGO NINJAGO characters.

Meet and Greet: Meet new LEGO NINJAGO characters Sora and Arin, along with Ninja Kai and Master Wu. Special appearances from Ollie the Dragon in his Lunar New Year outfit and guests like the Ceng Du Opera and the mischievous Monkey King await from February 10-25, 2024.

LEGO NINJAGO Activities:

  • Build-A-Mech: Get creative and build a Mech for Sora and Arin in The Crossroads Race!
  • Ultimate Dragon Build: Embrace the Year of the Dragon by creating your own Ultimate Dragon Build with LEGO Bricks.
  • Hunt for the Dragons: Search for hidden dragons at LEGO NINJAGO World, with special prizes for those who find all five.
  • Ninjas Unite Backdrop: Strike your best Ninja pose for the cameras against our Ninjas Unite backdrop.
  • LEGO NINJAGO The Ride: Test your Ninja skills on the ultimate ride!

Lunar New Year Celebrations:

  • Martial Arts and Chinese Traditional Dance: Experience a specially curated Lunar New Year performance featuring Ollie the Dragon.
  • Lion Dance Performances: Witness traditional Lion Dance and High-Pole Lion Dance on February 10 and 11, 2024.
  • The Wisdom Tree: Make a wish at The Wisdom Tree adorned with beautiful cherry blossoms.

“This Lunar New Year, LEGOLAND isn’t just about building bricks. It’s about building heroes! We’re blending LEGO NINJAGO’s epic adventures with local traditions. Teaching families valuable lessons about friendship and believing in themselves. All while having a blast with dragons, shows, and epic ninja fun! It’s going to be a Lunar New Year they’ll never forget,” said CS Lim, Divisional Director, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

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