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Janiqueel looks, limbers, and sweats a bit with an online ballet, pilates, and yoga program designed for YOU! Fitness Training Anywhere on the Planet.

If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

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Empathie Moves will take us through this lifetime and moreover create an energy that helps each and every one of us feel good, look good and be beautiful because we deserve it!


Especially in these Covid Days, summoning the inspiration to get going, get moving, get off the couch is a challenge, to say the least. Going to the gym and interacting with others is, or used to be, a solution, but now, with lockdowns and advisories about exercising in proximity with others, it’s time to think twice about our habits and well-being. Empathie Moves Health and Ballet has a new idea – exercise at home, with a highly qualified coach and enter into your very own fitness journey, a journey that rewards you for relying on yourself.

It’s all about self-love. “Empathie Moves will take us through this lifetime and … create an energy that helps each and every one of us feel good, look good and be beautiful because we truly deserve it!” says Bianca Fucsko, International Instructor. The classes are all online and can be booked in advance. Eager to know their students and to help them get the most out of each session. First, choose which of the activities you would like to join. Attractive choices include Pilates, Ballet, Barre Pilates, Yoga-Pilates Flow, and Pilates Reformer.

For those new or restarting an exercise routine, the Yoga-Pilates Flow is a great choice. At a less intense pace than the other classes, this one focuses on breathing and stretching. For one just getting to know their own body, this is a calm, reassuring choice. And the skills learned here can be carried with one throughout the day as you become more aware of your own body, its strengths and potential. Integrating yoga techniques with Pilates exercises is an efficient way to achieve greater flexibility, balance, and strength.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Barre Pilates sessions combine ballet and Pilates. You don’t need an “official” ballet barre. A stool, bench, or chair will do nicely. A great choice for those who want to learn some basic ballet moves while having fun moving to the beat of modern music and sweating, yes, sweating, while getting into the challenging routines

Somewhere between these the calm atmosphere of Yoga-Pilates and the burn of Barre Pilates, the other choices offer a niche for just about any exerciser. 

  • Pilates improves muscle tone, works on better posture, and promote easy graceful movement. A beneficial choice for anyone, but especially those who would like to have a leaner physique and a project a more confident appearance.
  • Ballet really showcases founder Bianka Fucsko’s breadth of experience with ballet discipline. Designed to build strength, grace and flexibility, these 60 minutes sessions move from the ballet basics into more centered exercises. Beginners are welcome. No prior experience with ballet is required. For those who have more experience, the class will tone and refine what the participant already knows.
  • Pilates Reformer is the most focused, personal of the offerings. Through the “Pilates principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow” instructors provide individual attention base on the personal goals and ideals of their clients.  Using a range of exercise, this class helps the user become more aware of their body and its capabilities. Looking for long, lean muscles? You’ve come to the right place.

Never too early to begin, the classes can be tailored to the needs of the youngest exercisers. Mr C, official child of Janiqueel, like the ballet experience. He may not consciously know it, but it is building a base on which a lifetime of exercise and fulfillment.

Creating energy to help each of us feel good about ourselves and the world around us – EMPATHIE MOVES!

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