Etna Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria at Duxton

One of my ways to chase the Monday’s blues was food indulgence after a pamper session at OD Wellness which was round the corner. A good friend of mine recommended Etna and we decided to try it. The name of the restaurant derives from Mount Etna, which is an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy.
Farinata di Ceci – Chickpea bread, rocket and cooked ham. Simple starter.
 Schiacciata al Tartufo e Mascarpone – Pizza crust filled with truffle and Mascarpone cheese. I absolutely love the Mascarpone cheese. This looks really plain but taste great! Looks can be deceiving.
 Parmigiana di Melanzane ($18) – Baked eggplants parmigiana layered with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese. The eggplant is soft and has a hint of sweetness from the tomato sauce.
 Linguine al Granchio ($27) – Linguine with crabmeat and soft shell crab in lobster bisque. The taste of crab might be rather overwhelming for the not crab lover.
Pizza Etna ($26) – Mozzarella cheese, porcini mushrooms, Parma ham, cream cheese and pistachio. This can easily feed 3-4 people comfortably but in Italy, it is for 1 person. Wood fire pizza always taste different too! The crust was evenly baked and perfect!
   Trilogy of dessert
(Starting top left in clockwise direction)

Tiramisu al Pistachio di Bronte ($14) – Classic Tiramisu with authentic pistachio paste (from Bronte, Sicily). This is one of restaurant’s signature. Must try!

Delizia al Cioccolato ($14) – Traditional Walnut liqueur scented molten chocolate lava cake, Vanilla ice‐cream. The molten chocolate oozed out as we cut open. Yum!

Baba’ – classic Neapolitan dessert with custard scented in Mandarin liquor.

About our unique Pistachio:
Pistachio  from Bronte: Bronte is a town of Sicily (in the province of Catania, Italy), near Mount Etna. This variety of pistachio (Pistacia vera)  is a PDO product.
* Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) products are typical products recognised and protected by the Italian State and the European Union.
Products recognised as being Protected Denomination of Origin are typical products whose qualities and characteristics essentially depend on the area of origin, either based on environmental factors or production methods, as they are the fruit of the knowledge and experience of the people of the area of origin. 
When a product is PDO, the entire production chain – from the operator who obtains the raw material to the operator who obtains the product that goes on the consumer’s table – must comply with the Regulations of the European Union and the laws of the Italian State. Anyone who contravenes the rules of law incurs various penal and administrative sanctions, depending on the gravity of the offence. The area of origin, Production Guidelines and controls are the distinctive characteristics of PDO products.

Etna Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria (Duxton)
49-50 Duxton Road
Singapore 089513
Tel: 6220 5513
Fax: 6220 5613
Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday
12.00pm – 2.30pm
6.00pm – 10.30pm

Disclaimer: We paid for this meal with some complimentary dishes. 

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