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Life isn’t perfect but your sneakers can be.

Often reserved for the slowest qualifiers in a race, Lane Eight can be the launching pad for surprising achievement. Inspired by the underdog message, Lane Eight shoes show you how an unknown can sneak up and be a winner.   

Can there be anything new in the vast world of sneakers? Yes, there can. With a philosophy built on sustainability, an emphasis on style, and free shipping and returns to/from Singapore, Lane Eight is serious about carving a niche for itself. Built for “everyday athletes” Lane Eight are versatile enough to be your go-to workout shoes, hearty runners, and stylish kick-around fashion accessories. You are versatile. So are Lane Eight. Together you are ready to GO!

Working out, running, posing for yoga, or enjoying a brisk walk around the neighbourhood, Lane Eight trainers are there for your particular movement choices. For women and men, the HIIT – “high-performance essential gym shoe” – and the AD1 – “The original every day everything trainer” are engineered to ramp up your performance in any physical activity to the next level. Not tied (pun intended!) to specific movement styles, Land Eight trainers are built to be a great workout shoe, no matter what that workout might entail. Inside the sleeky stylish exterior, the shoes are sophisticatedly engineered to deliver a good fit, enable superior performance, and wrap them in a sustainable package.

For instance, the foam midsoles incorporate toxic algae. Yes, you read that right – toxic algae! A wild concept, right? Harvested algae are dried, processed and eventually incorporated into the midsoles, resulting in a cushy feel while returning water to the environment and lessening the carbon footprint (another pun intended). After a run or a workout, you’ll appreciate the springiness of these midsoles.

Up top, the one-piece knit uppers are made from recycled plastic yarn. 100% plant-based, the HIIT Trainers us a material derived from eucalyptus and cotton. For side panels and toe and heel boxes, Lane Eight ditched animal-derived products and moved to high-quality vegan microfibre instead. As durable as suede, but lighter, the material continues the sustainability theme closely allied to performance. Making the shoes, no animals are harmed – sustainability and performance with a heart.

Spotlighting the high-tech build of Lane Eights are a cool palette of colours. Recently dropped, two new colours are vibrant and, well, ELECTRIC. For women and men, Electric Yellow or Electric Blue will light up the room, or the gym, or the track, or the woods. Of course, they are cool to look at and to wear, but an important side benefit is that the vibrant colours show up in traffic giving you an extra safe edge when not all alone on a secluded trail. 

More traditionally, but no less stylish, Cloud/Arctic White, Carbon/Jet Black, Dusty Taupe, Lunar Grey, Hyper Pink, and Icy Mint are the hard choices for your new sneakers. Warning – the choices are all terrific. Choosing is NOT going to be easy.

Is it time for a new pair of sneakers? It’s ALWAYS time for a new pair of sneakers. This time, you might be tempted to choose a brand that starts in Lane Eight, then charges to finish ahead of the others in style, sustainability, and performance. Tie on a pair, then get our and MOVE!

For more information, you can visit www.laneeight.hk

Research and Writing help from JKJ.

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