Fermata Sport Zero EVE Period Panty review

Janiqueel looks at Fermata Singapore that has set out to change women’s minds about their bodies

‘Period’ is on a mission to change menstruation from something we endure to something that we appreciate in our own unique ways, thus offering a variety of designs to fit our needs.

Sport Zero Period Panty – Period

Offering a wide range of organically sourced, high-quality feminine products, FERMATA is aiming at active, social, engaging women – young and not-so-young – who are eager to shake the stigma of period bleeding and go about their normal lives with confidence and brio. Some products are made from bamboo, others are built with the environment in mind, all are consciously-developed to blend into a modern woman’s lifestyle. Finally, a company has addressed itself to the biological changes and challenges faced by every woman, old or young. 

The ‘EVE’ brand from South Korea Organic Period Panty, for instance, is made of toxic-free organic cotton (30%) and bamboo (70%), with the result that the fabric absorbs, breathes, and yet is waterproof where it needs to be. Worn on its own, the high-waist design is comfortable and supporting. With a tampon or sanitary napkin, it is a foolproof way to go about one’s active, sporty life with a relaxed, confident sparkle. Unfortunately, I’ve ordered a size too small which caused some discomfort. My bad!

With the same goals in mind, the Sport Zero Panty by the ‘Period’ brand from Japan, offers similar absorption and protection in a simpler minimalist design. Think bikini bottom and you’re on the right track. Side slits add to the sexy, stylish design and add to the freedom of movement modus operandi of the panties. To the gym, on a run, downtown to meet friends, or simply lounging around the house, this is a design whose time has come.

When washing by hand,

  • use liquid detergent or washing soap
  • rinse with lukewarm water below 30 degrees Celsius to avoid coagulation of blood in hot water
  • if the stain cannot be removed immediately, I apply detergent/soap and soak it in lukewarm water for 1-2 hours before washing

When using the washing machine,

  • pre-wash and put in a laundry net, then wash using the machine with water no more than 30 degrees Celsius
  • dehydrator can be used, but do not use the dryer

When drying – dry well after washing,

  • dry with a towel or use the dehydration function of your washing machine with laundry net
  • do not squeeze too hard as the panty may stretch

Note: EVE period panty takes a little longer to dry. When you hang them out to dry, turn them inside out to make it dry quicker. And do not use fabric softener or bleach.

FERMATA offers pads, cups, buffer rings, vibrators, and more. The company is built to answer to the modern woman’s need to be expressive, honest, free, and proud of their bodies and themselves as echoed in the mission statement: 

To Equip women with the tools and knowledge about their bodies to achieve their career and personal goals.

To Transform women’s biological changes from a deterrent to a driving force in achieving their goals.

You can visit sg.hellofermata.com for more about their products.

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