Five Magical Lessons to Learn from Self-Made Sunday Planner

The past year may be unforgiving, but the new year is a great time to bring out a Happy New You! This is a great opportunity to learn how you can take control and make the most of every day. By keeping a daily planner, you train yourself to plan ahead and visualize how you aspire to live your life. Self-Made Sunday Planner is an undated daily planner that can guide you as you process your thoughts, set goals, and identify where to begin as you ease into the new year.

For many years, the Self-Made Sunday Planner was made only for the personal use of the founder Ann Gacutan. Coming from a modest background, the planner served a vital role in her life as she started turning her dreams into reality. It was her paper “life coach”, and was a key instrument to enable her to gain financial freedom, succeed in her career, grow multiple investments, travel extensively, and find true love. Her positive experience and beautiful journey prompted her to publish the planner to inspire more people to reach for their dreams.

More than an organizing tool, the Self-Made Sunday Planner also brings five magical lessons that you can take anywhere with you:


Before Monday blues kick in, spend an hour every Sunday to plan for the week, the month, the year, and your life ahead. Setting an intention can make your life more meaningful by adding a purpose to it. When you become aware of your intentions, you learn to choose your activities and consciously engage only with what you believe is worthwhile and aligned with your intentions.


Regardless of your background and beliefs, the Self-Made Sunday Planner aims to spread the power of believing. By having an unshakeable belief in possibilities, you open yourself up to more doors, better circumstances, and surprising opportunities you thought were impossible. Anything is possible, really, you just have to believe.


What would you do if you had a magic wand? Be brave, dream big! At a young age, we have always been trained to think about our dreams. We are asked questions such as what would you like to be when you grow up, we think and dream of different things. As an adult, dreaming does not stop, you’re allowed to keep having them whether big or small, it is and will never be too late, and you have the power to make things happen. Go grab that magic wand, wave it, and let your dreams unfold.


What do YOU really want in life? What are your values, your passions, your strengths, and assets? What do you want to be remembered for? Your journey with the Self-Made Sunday Planner will allow you to deeply connect with yourself and discover your own path without following what other people have set for you. You will define the metrics of your success and happiness on your own terms, and be fulfilled knowing that the path you chose is what you want for yourself.

5. TO DO

A dream with a deadline becomes a goal. Pen down your goals and breakdown your action steps yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily. We are what we repeatedly do. Form new habits and rock your routine! The Self-Made Sunday planner gives you the freedom to choose when to make your goals happen, you are the captain of your ship. You are free to set your own time to take action. You control your timeline and you start making things happen. As you get to know yourself a little more, you learn to respect your pace, remove unnecessary pressures, and really understand what works for you. 

The Self-Made Sunday planner is designed to empower everyone to dream relentlessly, set well-rounded life goals & pursue a life well-lived and loved. It can help you see things from a different perspective, enlighten, support, and inspire you to approach life with zest and infectious optimism.

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Self-Made Sunday Planner is an undated daily planner that is practical for everyday use, and inspirational for personal progress
Ann Gacutan is a marketing specialist, entrepreneur, and the brains behind Self-Made Sunday Planner.

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