Floating in Colour with Petites Pommes

Janiqueel finds that relaxation and fun come in many colours as she glides atop the water and dreams of little apples.

You may feel a sensation of floating. You may see colours, maybe no phenomena, it doesn’t matter. You are absorbing power.     

Frederick Lenz

Must water floats, whether for adult or kiddies, be garish in colour and design? Do Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, or the Tasmanian Devil need to own spots in our pools or at the beaches where we frolic? Not anymore. There are beautiful alternatives in the world of recreational floating. TINY APPLES! Of, if you prefer PETITES POMMES!

Petites Pommes is a line of water floats that breaks the gaudy water toy mould. Starting with their name. PETITES POMMES? Little apples? I mean, does that have to do with water floats which, by the way, don’t even have apples, er…pommes on them?

Cofounder of Petites Pommes, Anna Rodhe, explains: 

Our daughters Anna and Olivia are born on the same day, September 15. This time of the year is also the “apple season” where sweet apples are being harvested in Denmark and Sweden.

Anna and Olivia both had such lovely chubby cheeks, and we started playing around with different names all based on their arrival. The reason for using French was that much of the inspiration in our selection of colours and brand identity comes from France – a country we both love visiting. And everything just sounds so much nicer in French – that’s the semi-long story behind the name.


There’s playfulness behind this brand. Playfulness and a feeling of fun with a taste of European style and design.

This Euro-ness shows in the colour choices – Cannes Blue, Oxford Green, Ruby Red, Charleston Tan, French Rose, Gelato, and Limonata. Delicious. The shades invite pairing with bathing costumes and towels. The evocative photos on the Petites Pommes webpage give the idea. Think of the South of France or elsewhere on the Mediterranean. Or think of a backyard pool in Singapore, a beach in Thailand, or a lake in Minnesota. Wherever you and your companions, big and small, are going to be stylish as your float and dream of apples.

Designed with care and attention to detail, Petites Pomme floats are intelligently built. More robust than the typical plastic swim toys, these are made of thicker plastic, “free of BPA and phthalates”, designed to last through the trials of water fun and beach abrasion. Each float comes with a cotton dust bag for storage and carrying to the next dreamy water outing.

Founded in Denmark by Celine Kold Westerberg and Anna Rodhe, Petites Pomme is a small (like the apples) company with a friendly family vibe. Choose your favourite colour – NOT an easy task given the tempting pallet of colours on offer – grab a towel, don’t forget the sunscreen, observe social distancing, trust yourself to the water, and FLOAT.

For more information, head over to Petites Pommes.


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