For Gym Junkies and Wanderlusters, Your Bag is Here – LivLola

Lakota essentially supports one in a journey to achieve a holistic life, emphasizing 3 important facets of health – Body, Mind and Soul.

Sim Li, Co-founder of LivLola

The newest Livlola sport bag is called the ‘Lakota’.

Ms Sim Li, founder of LivLola, kindly responded to my questions about her company, and the Lakota, in particular. So, I began,

Where did the name, LivLola, come from?

Sim Li: LivLola essentially means live out loud, for “Liv” means “life” and “Lola” means “strong woman”.’ For men – see the fitness bag collection of open gender bags, but Lakota is specifically designed and built for strong women – feminine and capable.

THE BAG! It’s a beauty! I’ve got my eye on the Lakota in Grey. Geometric panels in grey and cream with black accents of the bag and strap give the bag a modern, stylish look. It can accommodate equipment from just about any sport save fly fishing, LaCosse and pole vaulting. We’re taking a large bag here. How large? Have a look:

It’s sold as a sports bag and named a ‘duffle.’ The name is apt as it can carry a lot of clothes (sweaty or fresh) , gear, towel, a sandwich, a water bottle, and (in homage to the bag’s name) Ian Frazier’s book, Great Plains which gives perspective on the historical origins of “Lakota’.

When I’m not being actively sporty, I can certainly use it as a weekender carry-on. An efficient, travel-light traveller could go to, say, Berlin, for a week with the Lakota. That’s not me. I envision it as my go-to bag for ‘Urban Escapades,’ as Sim Li calls them. Too fashionable to scream, Sports Bag, it would not be out of place on an après-workout brunch, dinner, or on a park bench if you’ve cached a sandwich in one of the convenient storage pockets. Bottle of wine? That will fit quite nicely should the occasion for it arise.

Functionality is designed in. Adjustable straps for your yoga mat, plenty of ‘smart compartments’ including one for your water bottle, made of vegan leather – water resistant air mesh fabric which is stretchable, hand-washable, breathable, and tear-resistant. Not really leather. Vegan leather – Who knew?. Never too rugged, my urban escapades would offer small challenge to this vegan leather accessory. But if they someday should – I’m ready! Strong bag. Strong woman – I can feel it!  

LivLola is a women’s company with a unique history. Sim Li bootstrapped the company in Malaysia with her sister, Sim Hui. Both are models who found a path, tortuous at times, into the bag trade. All the bags are manufactured in Malaysia where, Sim Li explains, LivLola’s craftspeople earn fair salaries working in a welcoming environment. The company ensures that employees ‘…obtain  work-life balance at which they don’t work after working hours, and [are] entitled for work leaves.’ Refreshing attitude, LIVLOLA!

Body, Mind, and Soul.



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