France Luxe hair accessories review

Janiqueel explores the world of FRANCE LUXE Accessories for Hair and for Fun!

I hope that wherever my hair ties go they’re happy and that’s all that matters.


Sometimes my hair looks so good that I just get the urge to take it out and greet the world. I primp; I comb; I brush. Then …  I ACCESSORIZE! You’ll find no better place to shop for any kind of hair accompaniment that you can think of than FRANCE LUXE.

Small,-owned and women-run, France Luxe operates out of Seattle, Washington, USA. “Our French manufacturing partners use century-old techniques to hand create each piece,” explains Maddie Borish, Director of Strategy and Product Development. Put those two geographical facts together and you’ve got a company dedicated to fair play for the manufacturers (worldwide sourcing), sustainability (the products never go out of style and last a lifetime or maybe, two), and au courant style (“…styles come and go with the trends. Right now, people are loving the embellished bobbies and the BIG headbands).

Get your style on, clip a barrette, tie on a tie, or scrunch a scrunchie and take your hair out for a ride. Here’s a sampler of what FRANCE LUXE has to offer:

Some come in 3- or 4- packs for the indecisive. Others stand Cloth Face Masks – Maybe not strictly a hair accessory, but residing very close to your hair and keeping it out of your dessert, Cloth Face Masks can be fun. Handmade, adjustable, reusable, and so-so trendy in a large variety of patterns and prints, these masks will fit just about anyone and will last a very long time. When you buy one, you’ve bought two! They are reversible!

Bandeaus and Turban Headwraps – For something just a little bit different. Either style will keep your hair in place in a busy city, a windy beach, or your workout studio. Lots of colours and plenty of styles – Space Dye Relaxed, Netted Bandeau Headwrap, Star Spa Bandeau, Interlock Italian Turban, and more – many more. We’re getting exotic now!

Barrettes – Do they have barrettes? DO THEY HAVE BARRETTES! Bow, Tige, Cliq Claq Clip, Kone long and skinny, Ponytail, Bennington. France Luxe has barrettes! Believe me, they’ve got just the one, or two, or three for YOU.

Hair ties and Scrunchies – There’s something about a scrunchie that says, “FUN”. You’ll have plenty of fun just browsing the myriad colours and styles from France Luxe. Some come in 3- or 4-packs for the indecisive. Others stand proudly on their own. Gotta have several for that every occasion.

I’m just getting started. Take your own tour and have fun with your hair!

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