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Justly famous for its superb crab dishes, Tze Char King has much more to offer. Let’s have a look at what they can provide for a delicious, locally prepared meal that is just a click away. 

Prized for its succulence, crab is the Tze Char signature dish ready when you are.

At first experience, the lack of ammonia odour is the first clue that you are about to enjoy 

Sri Lankan crab, as opposed to the commonly served mud crabs from Indonesia. Tze Char King is happy to educate its patrons about the difference in the crabs that are commonly provided. Able to distinguish the difference, Singaporean crab lovers patronize outlets that they trust has the best Sri Lankan delicacies available. That’s why Tze Char King is the place to order from for those in the know. 

For crab lovers, especially those in Singapore who know what they are talking about, classic chilli crab is the most well-known choice and it has a prim place on the Tze Char King menu. Semi-sweet and mildly spicy, the crab here deserves to be called a “classic”. For the adventurous, though, the other crab choices (all prepared with Sri Lankan crab) may lure you into a new “crabalicious” experience

  • Signature Assam Crab – The juicy white crab meat is the same, the Assam sauce, however, is a taste treat that you may not have tried before. Try it now! You’ll love it!
  • Crab Bee Hoon – Combining two Southeast Asian favourites, this dish with a colourful, crispy vegetable addition, makes for an attractive plate and a wonderful treat.
  • Salted Egg Crab – Cooked in a creamy egg sauce, this dish finds the magic spot between sweet and savoury. Rich and creamy, indeed.
  • Cereal Crab – This one is a surprise – a very good surprise. Prepared with crispy fried cereal, curry leaves, and chilli padi. Surprise your family and friends with something that may never have tried before.

Speaking of new and adventurous, you’ll be intrigued to try one of the chef’s specialities — Coffe Pork Ribs. Coffee? Yes, coffee. Sweetened and marinated in ground coffee beans, the pork has time to soak in the unique flavours. Wonderful tenderness, a tad of bitter aftertaste and a simple sweetness all combine into one of the more interesting choices on the Tze Char King menu.

Oh, and don’t miss the Cai Po Beancurd. It’s a deep-fried, sweet and salty delight that retains the soft interior of the tofu while having a soft crunch on the outside. Providing the sweetness of the brown sauce makes a distinctive-looking dish appealing to discriminating diners.

With Sri Lankan crab prominent on the menu and many other distinctive creations accompanying it, Tze Char King is a convenient and inviting choice for lovers of Southeast Asian food at its best.

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