Gaston Luga Backpack Pråper Navy & Brown

Backpacks are no longer just for books. They double as overnight bags, daypacks, work bags, gym bags, and even purses. And we love backpacks for travel—they’re the best thing to wear while on the go. Something that is comfortable enough to tote around all day, lightweight enough so that it won’t break your back after a few hours, and also something stylish enough that you feel attractive and confident throughout your trip.

The Pråper has thick canvas body with leather detailing. The flap closes with strong metal hooks with 4 adjustable levels. Let me just say that it’s not easy to release the hook. It can be a bit tedious when you’re in a hurry, but it also means it can fend away some unwanted prying.

There are 2 compartments in the bag, and being black, you’d have to feel your way to find the pocket. The inner compartment is supposed to fit a 13-15″ laptop, but the opening of this bag is so small that I find it hard to put things into the bag. 

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Me carrying my Gaston Luga Backpack Pråper Navy & Brown

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