Gogoprint modernizes online printing in Southeast Asia

Gogoprint is an online printer based in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. While Gogoprint is mainly focused on B2B services, the small individual customer is not forgotten. With numerous cost-effective and very competitive offers available all year round, printing paper-based products such as business cards, flyers and brochures has never been easier. With a user-friendly website as well as attentive customer care, it is now possible to have your desired products delivered to your door within 24 hours without having to even leave your home. Can it get much easier? Not really.

It is a common misconception that ‘print is dead’. This is very much not the case, as has been shown by Gogoprint’s rapid regional expansion since its initial launch in late 2015.

“It is still a massive industry, and there has been so little progress during the last decades that we believe it is really ready for disruption,” Alexander Suess (Gogoprint co-founder)

Gogoprint has come up with a way to breathe new life into the printing industry. Recognising that the customer is king, the focus clearly needs to be on the customer’s experience. Customer satisfaction needs to be a priority from the time when the customer first accesses the Gogoprint website until the satisfactory finished product is delivered. On its website, customers can choose the products they want printed. They can then customize this product to fit the desired purpose of the customer by selecting the paper, format amongst other product-specific features. Customers can upload their artwork file on the site itself. Once uploaded, artwork files are checked by Gogoprint’s designers to ensure that the final prints will be of the highest quality.

While things are pretty easy on the consumer-facing side, what happens behind the scenes is slightly more complex.Gogoprint uses algorithms to look at many parameters such as paper, quantity, and delivery times and aggregates those orders into a “print-run”. This allows Gogoprint to maximize utilized space on each print sheet, hence reducing paper waste and production costs all at the same time. The result is a faster, cheaper process for consumers.

“We see our mission in building a platform where we can sell those smaller customers on scale, very efficiently with very fast delivery times” David Berghaeuser (Gogoprint co-founder)
Gogoprint truly has found a recipe for success.

Photo courtesy of Gogoprint 

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