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Swimming is normal for me. I’m relaxed. I’m comfortable, and I know my surroundings. It’s my home. – Michael Phelps

Are there benefits to be won by taking your infant for a swim? Oh, more than you, or at least I, could have guessed. Ready for this? Baby swimming:

  • teaches water safety
  • promotes physical and mental health
  • furthers bonding
  • boosts confidence
  • develops coordination
  • builds strength
  • develops learning skills
  • enhances well-being
  • provides structure
  • can start from birth

This list was compiled from Waterbabies.co.uk but there are many reliable sources on the net that echo the message that swimming is good for the young, even the very young. Studies have been done and the results are overwhelmingly clear that early-infanthood swimming enhances cognitive as well as physical development. Medical News Today reports that five-year-olds who had been swimming from an early age had superior results in tests of balance, coordination, grasping for objects, and manipulating objects (like balls).  Three-month-olds showed an uncanny ability to, for instance, balance stiff-legged on the palm of a researcher.

He doesn’t like his swim cap!

Cognitively, kids also seem to benefit greatly from early swimming experience. In Australia, the Griffith Institute for Educational Research recently completed a four-year project to see if this was so. “While we expected the children to show better physical development and perhaps, be more confident through swimming, the results in literacy and numeracy really shocked us,” said lead researcher Robyn Jorgensen.  (“Swim study reveals a smart pool of talent” Griffith University. We’re talking reading and mathematics here. Amazing, right?)

The researchers went on to say that problem-solving skills and language acquisition were especially enhanced in the population who had been swimming from an early age. I am sure I am being too cavalier in touting results like these, but the research seems sound enough to convince even the skeptical that swimming is a benefit for many aspects of child development. Doing a bit of surfing for contrary opinions, I found none. As long as the swimming is done with care and good sense, there seems little harm in infant swimming. Of course, one must be cognizant of safety. The water should be warm. Adults should hover constantly nearby. Introduction to the water should be gradual and pleasant. The initial introduction to water should be short and, of course, sweet.

I found that the Happy Fish Swim School personnel are well-aware of these parameters. The heated pool at Bedok – Chai Chee Road – provided an inviting, comfortable (for baby and mother) venue. Coach Shaun was a patient, receptive swim master who understood the parental trepidation, as well as infant needs. His guidance for little Mr C and me was invaluable in getting both of us inured to the watery world. The expression on Mr. C’s face on his first dip exemplified the very definition of “Happy Fish.” I was so proud. He was so happy. And that was before I knew about the research that shows he will be a genius athlete! A renaissance man! Stop me; I’m overdoing it, right? Stop me, please.

Happy Fish Swim School offers lessons for all ages. The list at the beginning of this article said swimming can start from birth. Happy Fish goes on better. Their prenatal classes offer structured activities for expectant mothers. It’s a great cardiovascular workout. Therapeutic and relaxing, the water environment takes the load off the lower back promoting physical health as the delivery nears. It’s relaxing, at a time when relaxation is sometimes hard to come by.

Other lessons are geared for toddlers (age two and above), kids, adults, developmentally challenged children, and family swimming. Hosted at pools island-wide, Happy Fish lessons are geared toward convenience for busy parents and their youngsters.

I have a feeling that water and swimming will always play a big part in Mr C’s life. Mine, too. It’s wonderful to think that we may be swimming together for a good long time.



First swim lesson at Happy Fish Swim School indoor heated swimming pool.

Posted by Janice Leong on Saturday, January 6, 2018



Mr C enjoyed his first swimming lesson at Happy Fish Swim School heated pool.


Posted by Janiqueel on Tuesday, January 16, 2018



Mr C learnt to kick in the water at Happy Fish Swim School heated pool.

Posted by Janiqueel on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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