Here’s a Hairy Gorilla Who Wants to be Your Friend

Janiqueel looks at a treatment system for the hair that encourages growth. All of her gorilla friends love it!

The cause of baldness in a man is due to dryness of the brain and its shrinking from the skull.

Samuel Johnson

Hairy Gorilla philosophy: “The natural, multidisciplinary, cost-effective hair regrowth system that works.” We asked Chief Gorilla Joseph Au what “multidisciplinary” meant in this context.  As he did with all of our questions, Joseph Au kindly explained. Here, it refers to the four-step treatment that is the hallmark of the Hairy Gorilla products and their use.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at that four-step treatment:

  1. The mineralized hydrogen water generator – Used as a final rinse, the hydrogen water created by the generator is jam-packed with antioxidants that rejuvenate follicles and repair damaged cells. Neutralizing free radicals reduces oxidative stress. It’s the first step to healthy hair ready to grow more abundantly.
  1. The Dual-Laser Comb – Using laser and LED light therapy, this cutting-edge device stimulates those hair follicles nourished in Step One. More often a clinical procedure, the Hairy Gorilla system brings the procedure into your home. As it encourages blood circulation, oxygen is added which awakens vital nutrients. “Hello, follicles — Time to wake up!”
  1. The Hair Growth Serum – We are talking about balance and anti-ageing in this step. Supplying the ideal blend of nutrients and minerals, the serum soothes damaged and sensitive conditions while it provides a fresh environment for new growth.
  1. The Ultimate Hair Vitamin – Organic wild cashew nut shell oil extract, who knew? It’s a super antioxidant replete with anacardic acid, this 100% organic supplement is the only additive your hair will need. Try it on your skin, as well. It’s anti-aging, my Young Friend.

“Do no harm” is the adage Joseph Au employs when asked about scientific studies of the Hairy Gorilla system. Granted – there is plenty of research and collaboration to bolster the efficacy of the ingredients and procedures in the Hairy Gorilla System’s arsenal, you won’t find a long-term study of the system itself. FDA approval is long and ultra-expensive. Hair transplants cost a lot and are problematic at best. Thus a system base on pure, organic elements and common-sense care, like Hairy Gorilla is most likely the best option to date.

This much is FOR SURE. Your hair will look better, more energized and bouncy after a few treatments with the Hairy Gorilla System. All of the ingredients are certified for purity. The comb is a modern wonder that, believe me, will do “No Harm”. As a part of your new daily care regimen, Hairy Gorilla deserves a place on your beauty shelf. 

Is it time to invite a gorilla into your home? Joseph Au thinks so. “ HG solution is based on several years of experimentations and research, as necessity is the mother of all inventions. 

Thanks to HG, I’m now having decent hair days.”

Hello Gorilla!

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Research and writing help from JKJ.

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