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From the Arctic land to Singapore’s tropics, pure, eco-friendly skin and hair care products make a mark.

There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.
– Edgar Allan Poe

If you’ve read Edgar Alan Poe’s tales, you know that strangeness was his forte.  While it may be a stretch to call the products distributed by Hey Beauty “strange,” it is fair, I think, to present them as “unique.” Kind enough to respond to janiqueel.com’s questions, Shermin Chan, co-founder of Hey Beauty has his take on the description; “We wouldn’t say that our products are unique but we do strive to continuously source for new products that are not readily available here in Singapore and the products must have the potential to provide benefits for our customers.” Among the ingredients in those “not readily available” are seabuckthorn, lingonberry. bilberry, Himalayan salt, neroli, frankincense, and organic rose. Strange, unique or neither, it is safe to say that these are words not often found on the ingredient list of skin-care and hair-care products.

Hey Beauty (GREAT name, don’t you think??) offers many products from Unique Hair Care and Flow Cosmetics.

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Starting with skincare and moving upward to hair, let’s have a close look at a few of the products to see what makes them “unique” or, in the most positive sense of the word, “strange.”

Asked to suggest a few products, Shermin Chan included Flow Cosmetics’ Seabuckthorn & Lingonberry Facial Serum. The key here is moisture and oxidation. For big-city life, the serum is a natural. I don’t use the word “natural” loosely. Like all of Flow’s products, the serum is devoid of, in Ms. Chan’s words, “noxious artificial chemicals and additives.” Sourced in the arctic climes of Finland and Lapland where growing seasons are ever-so-short, the natural ingredients have absorbed substances in a concentrated blend of substances ideal for skin health. For that matter, eating the berries is also a health boon, but that’s another story.

The antioxidizing efficiency of Northern wild berries is greater than that of other plants. Thanks to the clean air and soil, it creates a powerful and toxic-free benefit to our skin.

A few drops every day will, we are assured, help to clean, oxidize, and moisturize skin. As I say, for Singapore’s air and climate, this facial serum is a natural!

Another Flow Cosmetics product, Bilberry Facial Cream, also has its roots in the Arctic. Combined with black currant oil, the cream touts its ability to strengthen and renew skin cells while protecting the skin against “environmental impurities.” Hey, Beauty, it’s vegan.

Sharing the same modus operandi as Flow Cosmetics, Unique Hair Care products are also of Northern European origin. Their home, though is Denmark. Its moisturizing shampoo and conditioner feature herbs and even birch to provide moisture, shine, and strength. There is also a leave-in conditioner. Spray a bit on any time to protect “… against color fading and heat stress.” That is talking to me – one whose hair color is a part of my personality. Heat stress? Oh, yeah – I have known the predations of heat and humidity here in the Garden City. I’m ordering a bottle now.

In closing, let’s hear from the estimable Shermin Chan once more.

Asked for a pithy mission statement for Hey Beauty, she supplied a beauty:

Hey Beauty believes that everyone is beautiful from within as true beauty lives in a healthy soul. Believe in nature and results will show naturally. Thus, at Hey Beauty, we strive to provide our beauties out there with a wide selection of organic and natural products.

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