How To Trim Shape Your Beard Like A Pro

Since the beginning of time, beards have been an aesthetic asset for men. The fashion trend of having a dense beard never went old, and it has years of potential to go on. But, since you have decided that you want to keep a bearded look, the primary question is how to maintain it. A good looking beard needs precision trimming that is perfect to the core. This article tells you how to trim shape your beard like a pro, and take out the ultimate bearded man in you. But, before that,

Why Should You Trim Your Beard?

Since male hormones help you grow a beard quickly, maintaining it is easier said than done.

To harness the classic look that comes with a beard, you should know how to maintain it precisely. Trim it at the places where it needs to be trimmed, shave it at the edges, and give it a sharp feature to enhance your features.

Here’s how to do that perfectly.

● Wash Your Beard Properly

Before you start trimming your beard and transform yourself into a more handsome and smarter version, you should wash your beard properly. Use a sulfate-free shampoo or a beard wash to wash your beard. Treat your beard with warm water and then mildly apply the shampoo. Don’t be too rigorous with yourself, and massage your beard gently. Start scrubbing your face as well, and let all the pores open up and soften your beard. Now, if you know how to use a cut-throat razor, the trick is going to come handy when you trim your beard.

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● Let Your Beard Come Back To Its Normal Shape

Once you wash your beard, it’ll be wet and not flowy as it should be for a trimmer to work over it. So you need to use a hairdryer to air-dry your beard and let it return to a manageable form. Once your beard is dry, comb it out to be straight and non-frizzy for a trimmer to work seamlessly.

● Use A Scissor To Trim The Edges

Once your beard is combed out and straight, you need to cut those tiny hairs that come out of symmetry. You need to trim the edges of your beard to make it look more symmetrical and presentable.

● Take Aid Of Softeners

Before you begin to trim shape your beard with an online tutorial, soften your skin a bit. This way, you won’t get hurt from sharp cuts that might incur from sharp razors. Massage your neck and cheeks with a moisturizer, or even better, try a shaving foam. Lather up some foam over the bare areas where you are about to shave.

● Take A Slow Start

Now, your beard is soft with lather, and it’s ready to go under a shaving razor. If you want a smooth shave, don’t give it a rushing start. Start shaving slowly under your neck, and chop off all that isn’t a part of the symmetry of your beard’s neckline. First, make a rough neckline with your razor and then fair it out in the final touches.

● Beard Shaper For Precision

Once you have shaped your beard with a cut-throat razor and you think you are good to go, just do this extra step for precision. Grab a beard shaper or order one online, and put it over your beard. This tool will give you the accuracy to shape your beard supremely. Use an electric trimmer with a beard shaper to provide a cutting-edge finish to your beard.

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Useful Tips For Beard Trimming

While you know how to trim shape your beard like a pro, follow these essential tips to ensure a smoother experience:

  • Always keep the blade settings to minimal while using an electric razor. So even if your hand slips, you don’t end up in a ‘forced’ clean-shaven look.
  • Don’t shave against the grain; instead, go with the grain. Although an ‘against the grain’ shave might provide a much ‘close-to-skin’ experience, razor bumps come along with that.
  • Always use an aftershave lotion for a smooth look. Also, most of the aftershave lotions are disinfectants. Hence, they disinfect the minor cuts that you might inflict with a razor.
  • Don’t shave when you are in a hurry. Always shave gracefully with full time on your hand. This will help you focus precisely on what matters.
  • Use a miniature scissor to trim and shape your mustache. Handling a bigger pair of scissors would bother you in moving your hands the right way.
  • Always stand in front of a clean mirror that’s placed in a well-lit room. You wouldn’t want to trim your beard from odd angles.
  • Use a good quality beard oil to let your beard grow denser.
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From washing your beard to creating a smooth finish with an aftershave lotion, this blog covers everything. Now grab that shaving foam, a cut-throat razor, and an electric trimmer and start trimming your beard to a dapper look.

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