Best Childrenswear in Singapore Hunter + Boo

Janiqueel introduces a brand of really attractive kids clothes with an ethical sense.

Sisters make the best friends in the world.

Marilyn Monroe

Sisters also make an appealing liner of children’s clothes. But what’s with this odd name?

Hunter + Boo. Hmm… At first, I thought it might be a company selling outdoor Halloween costumes. Or the sound of a stalker sighting prey. Well, I was wrong on both guesses. Hunter + Bow is a line of adorable clothes for kids operated by two good friends who are concerned about the planet and committed to helping parents make ethical choices when they choose clothes for their adorable kids.

Two comely children who must enjoy seeing their names on a brand of clothing are – you guessed it – Boo and Hunter. This eponymous pair was the inspiration for a pair of sisters, founders of the company, Beth and Sarah Medley. The children are Beth’s twin daughter and son. Naming the company after the kids is indicative of the caring family appeal of all that the brand espouses. Their website has an apt quote from Mahatma Gandhi – “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” That could be the credo of Hunter + Boo.

Soft and gentle, the clothes are made from organic cotton. That’s not just a catch-phrase. In this case, “organic” means that the cotton is sustainable farmed and ethically milled – in Egypt, India, and Sri Lanka. The dyes used on the fabrics are eco-friendly and kind to a youngster’s tender skin.  Even the packaging for the products is recycled and/or recyclable.

For proof, the company was awarded “Best Ethical Baby/Children’s” apparel brand award at The Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards. Giving the award, the organisation said, “Congratulations all of you including the Sri Lanka team. You shone! Beautiful designs, cute styles and an all-important ethical, sustainable foundation.”

Janiqueel says, “Bravo”!

Go to Hunter + Boo for bibs, bloomers, blouses, blankets, jumpsuits, dresses, leggings, and more. It’s a delightful site where you can meet Beth and Sarah and the famous twins, Hunter and Boo. “Simple, Stylish Shapes” describes all the products. With an affinity to the colour terracotta, I was immediately drawn to the playsuit, dress, shirt, and pants – all part of the new collection. But that’s only the start. There are plenty of tempting colors and designs from which to choose.

Happy hunting!


Where to find it:

Hunter And Boo

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