In the Lap of Langkawi Luxury – The St. Regis

Janiqueel and Mr C focus on five extraordinary surprises at a unique resort on the Andaman Sea.

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury. 

Coco Chanel

Set in the cool green heart of a UNESCO EcoPark, the St. Regis Langkawi is “a magical escape”. “Escape from what?” one might ask. An escape from what that you left behind in the bustling city. An escape from the ordinary. The St. Regis is extraordinary. Perched on the edge of the Andaman Sea, the St. Regis is all about the green islands (there are 99 of them in the Langkawi archipelago), azure water, exotic culture, and luxury.

Mr C and I pitched up here for a short staycation. We were wowed by the attentive sumptuous surroundings and signature style of the St. Regis. A new pleasure awaited around each corner. Too many to mention here, I will focus on FIVE EXTRAORDINARY DELIGHTS that made our stay an experience like no other.

  • Butler Service – Introduced to the original St. Regis in New York by founder, John Jacob Astor IV, this prerequisite was our first glimpse of the comforts and care that awaited us. Offering coffee and/or tea and other beverages, our butler, Farhana, was eager to explain that a call to the service desk would summon her at any time day or night. For non-urgent requests, E-Butler services were available by email or text. Coco Chanel would agree – comfortable luxury. Mr C and Farhana struck up a friendship from the beginning.
  • Our Pool Suite – Mr C ran for our private pool as soon as Farhana helped him open the door and he spied the blue waters of our expansive swimming haven off our private patio. He was brought up short of the door, however, when he saw the teepee that had been placed in his honour. Stuffed toys and even a stuffed campfire greeted the young “glamper” who was happy to pose as Farhana clipped pix of his fun. Likewise, I was lured to the selection of snacks laid out on the coffee table. While he glamped, I stretched out on the large sofa and watched his shenanigans. Yes, he loved the room. So did I. 

In a short time, we donned our suits and signature robes and slippers and walked the five steps to our own private pool. While I watched attentively with a cool drink at hand, Mr C floated around in a large inflatable amphibian, Mr Frog.

  • Food – Funny, isn’t it, how splashing around in cool water can promote one’s appetite. After changing and after a guided tour to “…to discover the distinctive personality of each location – past and future, rare and refined.”  We were ready for afternoon tea at the St. Regis bar. Ferrying a dazzling array of sweet delights a pastry cart was wheeled our way. On the middle shelf of that cart sat four plump scones whispering, “Choose us.” I obliged. Opening each and spreading clotted cream liberally and, not wanting to speak with my mouth full, I thought the word “succulent”.

A bit later, after a fun time on the beach collecting shells, we found “Terrace: The Mansion” for the “Evening Ritual: Champagne Sabering”. The act of sabrage is opening the champagne bottle with one’s sabre. Napolean Bonaparte invented the concept to celebrate victories or assuage defeats. His Imperial Majesty was not in attendance that afternoon, but the sommelier did a creditable job in his stead. “Oh, I guess I’ll have a second glass,” I said as the sunset over the Andaman Sea.

By now fully in the tropical rhythm, we repaired to the Kayuputi dining room with its open kitchen and sweeping views of the sea. We were truly sated.

  • Bath – Returning to the room, we were greeted by a floral aroma emanating from the bath. Farhana, I surmised, had drawn a deliciously warm bath, added soothing oils to the water, and sprinkled rose petals on top. As I said, a luxurious surprise waited around every corner. After the dining and the warm bath, you might imagine that we slept well. We slept well.
  • Iridium Spa – Having to report to the real world on the following day, I, nonetheless, found time to visit the Iridium Spa where I had booked a “Urutan Melayu massage, designed to unwind.” Unwind I did. As I did, I thought of the plethora of pleasures that we had enjoyed in our all-too-short stay.

Now back in the bustle of ordinary life, I daydream of the magnificent G.A Design and architecture of the St. Regis Langkawi. I dream of sabred champagne. I dream of scones and clotted cream. 

Mr C and I? We’ll be back, I hope.

With writing and research help from JKJ.

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