Intraoral Laser Lifting review Singapore

Janiqueel tries a brand new treatment that she had never heard of before, and discovers what it means to “CULTIVATE the GLOW”.

The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

What is Intraoral Laser Lifting?

I wondered when I first saw the notice that it was available now in Singapore. First, let me explain what it ISN’T. NOT a long, complicated process. My session lasted about 45 painless minutes. In the soft glow (pun intended) of TM Aesthetic’s modern office, in Novena Medical Centre, I felt refreshed, unhurried, as I felt the warm touch of the Intraoral wand. In the skilled hands of a medical technologist, the Intraoral wand is gently palace in my mouth, then rotated along the soft contours of my cheeks and gums. I know, it sounds like a dental procedure, but it isn’t. There is no pain and no discomfort. The heat of the wand is gradually increased throughout the session, but it is never uncomfortable or invasive. It almost sounds silly to say, with an electrical instrument roaming my oral cavity, but it felt good!

How does it work?

Inside the mouth, the laser technology born in Japan slowly but surely tightens the skin of the face. To reduce expression lines, folds, and creases is the aim here. Tightening the skin and smoothing the outer face surface, the technique works to make the skin tauter. Taut skin is skin with fewer wrinkles and fine lines – the tread marks of your life well-lived. Hey, you earned them, but you can be proud of them and your life with a bit more subtlety. Given special attention, deeper lines are targeted for extra attention. Don’t worry – the real you is still there within your beautiful skin. To burnish and make your essence “glow from within” is why you are here. Enjoy the remake! 

Looking to refine my skin and my attitude toward it, I found the clean, modern, high-tech office of TM medical Aesthetics to be a welcoming space free of hard-sell and any vestige of bodily discomfort. As I said, the whole procedure lasted no longer than 45 minutes. When I looked in the mirror just after it was completed, I noticed a difference. At least I thought I did. This could have been the power of suggestion working, but I was certain that my skin was tighter and younger-looking after a day or so. Completely impartial (and unpaid!) my friends and acquaintances agreed. I couldn’t wait to go out and shine. 

Unfortunately, amidst the latest lockdown, I would have to wait. No worries. The Intraoral Laser Lifting is not a mask that is put on then rinsed off to be repeated often. Penetrating the skin pores themselves the laser procedure makes positive changes in your skin’s structure. As it does, and afterwards, as it continues to power that inner glow, I feel the changes in my attitude as well, even if I am with no more than two friends at a time.

This lockdown will pass. Returning to normal life (or something close to it) will be the reward from our struggle to remember what life was and recreate a new life. My face is ready and so am I!

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Writing and research help by JKJ

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