‘Japanese know-how marries French sensibility’ That’s yayoi Hair and Body products for YOU

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear.


The first letter of the brand, “y”, is the image of the kimono, the traditional Japanese garment. This letter is meant to represent the look and feel of the Japanese woman of the new era, who is both elegant and sophisticated, yet stands with dignity and determination. – https://yayoi.fun/en/

Just one look and you’ll know – yayoi is elegance. Note the back-to-basics brown bottles adorned with labels in soft purple, a color symbolising the imperial family for centuries. In ancient Japan, the Yayoi people refined iron and bronze smelting while exploring natural sources for oils. Now feel how yayoi products cleanse, freshen, and aromatize your hair, face, and everywhere on your silky smooth body. That’s YAYOI, where the slogan, “Japanese “know-how” marries French “sensibility” with fragrance” conveys the basics of this high-tech, highly-effective product line. For a clean, clear, effective strategy for your everyday round of ablutions, yayoi’s for you.

Try the yayoi hair and body care series, gift box for a personal introduction to these premium products. Note, if you will, the signature lavender shades of the tubes nestled into a handsome gift box. In it, you’ll find:

yayoi Shampoo

To repair damage while cleansing and nourishing – that’s the credo of yayoi Yuzu & Honey Hair Care Shampoo. Working like a team of hair-care specialists, yayoi Shampoo’s ingredients are on your side in the challenge to have bouncy, shiny, healthy, and easily managed hair and moisturise your hair and scalp. Oh, and the fragrance … freshness exemplified emanating from the enchanting bouquet of citrusy YUZU and HONEY. Invite special friends to breathe in the aroma close-up or know, as you travel through your world, that those close to you are appreciating that sweet, too, thanks to you.

yayoi Conditioner –

moisturizing is the remit of this companion to yayoi Shampoo. Once again, Yaypi works with Yuzu and honey to deeply moisturize even though the formula is silicone-free. Utilizing palmitic acid and rapeseed oil reduces static electricity in hair. That means your hair is more manageable and less frizzy and more subtle and voluminous.

yayoi Body Soap –

Wash away the challenges of your busy day with a body soap built from Japanese ingredients designed to thoroughly cleanse with a lathery wash designed from amino acid glycine and coconut oil fatty acid. It sounds delicious and it is tasty to each and every thirsty skin cell. 

Solid Perfume

yayoi Body Lotion –

Incorporating Japanese oils such as sugarcane-derived squalane, camellia oil, and rice bran oil, the lotion is a silky smooth indulgence for your skin that breathes with a new suppleness to balance oil and moisture in a milky lotion that feels as good as the aroma it exudes.

On the subject of milk, yayoi has Cleansing Milk formulated with pure rice sake. 

For Aging care Precious Beauty Oil with selected botanical ingredients.

Moisturizing precious Cream adds and protects vital moisture from evaporating. Long-lasting, you can use it from morning ‘til night or night ‘til morning.

Solid Perfume is an ultra-packable way to exude a fresh and pleasing aroma all day or night-long. 

Of course, we all know that there is a myriad of skin and hair care products on the modern market. With yayoi (no upper case is part of the brand mystique), though you will meet something else again – the marriage of French sensibility with Japanese precision know-how on a select group of products with moisturising as an integral key to the pedigree. 

YAY, yayoi! 

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