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Janiqueel gets close and personal with a trendy activewear brand for visiting the gym or sheltering at home.

The time is now, to decide to work towards creating a better you. You are a seed, designed for greatness. And we are here to add a splash of confidence and joy into daily life – at home, leisure, workouts and even at work.

Gymwear Movement Credo

Moving from one place to another or joining a group of like-minded fellow enthusiasts, a “movement” is taking yourself on a trip of self-discovery and love. To take that journey in style, though, you should dress for the trip even if the trip takes you literally no further than the perimeters of your Covid-19 shelter, you’ll arrive with “a splash of confidence and joy”.

Just one look at the jaunty models on Gym Wear Movement’s web page shows the inclusiveness of the brand – a brand built on “To be your best.” “Become your best.” “From good to great.” “Designed for greatness – Nothing can stop you now.”  Move with the movement. This brand has self-love at its heart. It shows. Those saucy models of refreshingly varied shapes and sizes exude confidence and pride. It shows.

Pam Siow, the founder of Gym Wear Movement, says –

…we wanted to have a mix of models to show everyone that all sizes are beautiful. And that they are recognized as beautiful regardless of size. Therefore, we choose to produce a wider variety of sizes for some of our designs to cater to the diversity of our customers.

The styles and colours are designed and built with an Asian vibe, but any woman can appreciate the ideas behind the clothes. Ideas that accentuate movement and casual flair. It is active wear for home, party, shopping, coffee meet-ups, or even the modern-day office. These days, maybe the home option is most likely. Looking good; feeling good; feeling comfortable; being splashy and colourful even sheltering at home is a big boost to overcome the Covid-19 blues (or greens, or sky blues, peaches, mint greens, or rose pinks – just some of the colours of GWM).

Arranged around workouts, leisure, and work, the styles offer plenty of crossover opportunities. Power Outfits, pants, tops, shorts, sweaters, bras – Mix ‘em; match ‘em; play with the colours; wear them around the house for a while and, when these Covid days start to pass, wear them outside and let the world know you are ready to MOVE with style and grace. You are part of a movement here and now.

Operating with a “lean set up”, quality clothes from established manufacturers GWM can offer their unique styles at very reasonable prices, Style meets value and says, “Hello, Welcome to the Movement!”.

Part of the GWM style is a consciousness of the wider community. Monthly, a share of the profits goes to either VIETNAM OUTREACH or OCEAN CLEANUP. Part of feeling good about oneself is shopping responsibly with one eye on the world at large. Sarah Lee says, “One of the reasons that we started this business is to make the world a better place.” Feel a part of that philosophy while feeling good and looking great!

You’ll enjoy surfing around the trendy and dynamic Gym Wear Movement website. While there, navigate to the “Look Book” page, click on a photo of a little white poodle. The dog has a pink tail, a smile on its face and no front legs. Confidence. Joy. Sometimes where we least expect it.

For more information, hop over to Gymwear Movement.

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