Kungfu Jungle (一个人的武林) Movie Review

Gongfu expert Ha Houmou (Starring: Donnie Yen) also the martial art instructor of the Hongkong police force accidently killed someone during a sparring session with an English boxer. He turned himself in and was jailed for 5 years. Following the death of one of his martial art friend (An expert boxer), he requested to meet the investigation officer Luk Yuen Sum (Starring: Charlie Young) mentioning to her that he is able to assist her nap the murderer.

The culprit Fung Yu Sau (Starring: Wang Baoqiang), is a martial art lover and psycho and hope to attain the number one gongfu master of the martial art world. Wang’s acting skill in this movie is worth everyone watching, his psychotic expression will send the chill down the spine of many.
To the martial arts lovers and fans, this is a must watch movie with the exchange of different martial arts all in one movie.

The movie pays its tribute to the pioneer batch of Hong Kong action movie stars and action movie. From veteran gongfu star David Chiang to Golden Harvest founder Raymond Chow and action choreographer Tony Leung Siu-hung all playing very interesting roles in the movie. A small-time communications officer is played by director Kirk Wong of Crime Story (1993) fame, while the tiny role of a noisy truck driver is taken by car stunts expert Bruce Law. (Regardless of big or small roles – they are part of this action movie movie)
The director goes the extra miles to cover the slightest and smallest details with the backdrops, posters, tv programs all screening the past action movies such as The Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan.

Playing the Lead role is none other than Donnie Yen himself. In his fight in the prison, where he fights one against 17. Although there is no fanciful moves from Donnie, but the fight is more real (Many of his fighting moves in his previous movies are repeated).

The movie showcase Wang as the expert gongfu master beating down every single opponent in their best skill. And forcing Donnie to a final duel for the number one martial art title. Donnie emerge as the ultimate winner. A movie worth watching.

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