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Learning ballet is wonderful for children even if they never become dancers. It is wonderful because it teaches discipline, grace, and manners 

Anna Paskevska

Like a lighthouse that guides sailors safely through the rocks and shoals of life, Lighthouse Dance hopes to hone a love for dance into a firm, life-long devotion to balance, concentration, rhythm, and confidence – all that good stuff and the bonus – KIDS LOVE TO DANCE! “We hope to kindle a light in their hearts, and for them to keep this light wherever they may go.” That’s a philosophy worthy of attention. Kids are naturally built to move. That’s why sports, outdoor activities, and just active messing around are abidingly popular with the younger set. Dance, once it’s introduced to an open mind, is a life-long affair. Muscle memory and spatial consciousness are like earworms – you can’t get rid of them. But, hey – you don’t want to.

Offering differing classes for various age levels and interests, lighthouse dance has a slot to suit all young, or not-so-young learners who want to improve their physical intelligence quotient and engage with the world with a bounce in their steps.

Lighthouse Dance
C in new Jazz shoes

Interested? Have a look at the classes:


Elegant, fluid, controlled, and poetic – all these words describe ‘BALLET’ in its purest sense. For youngsters, this means practice, practice, practice until the movements become part of muscle memory and spatial awareness. But here’s the good news, kids – that practice is FUN. To be with friends and a teacher who cares and a proud adult nearby. That’s fun!


If I was a kid, and if I could choose a Lighthouse class to be a part of, I’d choose JAZZ. combining the same basics as ballet, the jazz class moves to the modern, beat-heavy rhythm. Give me the Latin variety, and let me swing and sway and just be COOL, Baby.


“Put your hands on your hips, and let your backbone slip”. Flexibility, strength, and control are the trio of attributes that can be achieved through Acro training. You’ll be on a smooth soft gym mat to give confidence and prevent injuries. Stretch it, my friend. Oh, that feels so good!

Competition Training

Lighthouse Dance

With classes built around you – Competition training gives you a personal coach on a one-to-one basis. Whether the competition is for solo, duo, or trio routines, the trainer will guide their student to the best strategy for competitive action. 


Your guessed it, this class is for the very youngest dancers who are super-motivated to use their abundant energy to dance. With plenty of music and movement, this is a natural for 3-4 year-olds to play with a purpose. Gently guided by a kind teacher, the little dancers are learning teamwork and working with the kind teacher. The birth of a star!


Whether you are new to the world of dance, or an old pro, Lighthouse Dance has a place for you. Using all styles of music and different modes of expression, this is a great class to brush off your skills or learn them anew. You’ll find help. You’ll find like-minded friends, too.

Here’s what Wilson Picket had to say about the dance world:

Got to know how to pony

Like Bony Maronie

Mashed potato

Do the alligator

Put your hand on your hips, yeah

Let your backbone slip

Do the watusi

Like my little Lucy


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Lighthouse Dance

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