Lucca Vudor amazing soft leather review

Janiqueel explores Italian-designed shoes Handcrafted in Italy for the Tropical Streets and Sophisticated Shoppers of Singapore.

For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.

Seo Min Hyun

Dedicated to making fashion comfortable and high-stylish, Lucca Viudor shoes are made for women with the tastes and needs of women in mind. To make ordering, returning, and exchanging as easy as possible, Lucca Vudor offers a “Shoe Concierge Service”. Unique in the world of online shoe sales, this service takes a big step (pun alert!) in bringing the online retail world to your home. 

Here’s what it offers for you:

  • Free same-day delivery anywhere on the Island. I picked our three styles at noon and was strutting around the living room in front of a mirror by four p.m. That’s probably less time than it would take to get to a store, do some shopping, choose my favorite styles and have a snack. Welcome to 2021!
  • Easy pick-up for returns/exchanges. Your address is on record, so it’s a snap to find you and complete the transaction.
  • Full cash refunds for local returns. Instantly, you’ll be charged only for the shoes you keep. 
  • A special sizing service where the Lucca Vidor retailer delivers several sizes for try-ons. Did I mention ‘Unique’? This service is UNIQUE. Open the boxes, strut around in the comfort of your own home, and make sure that the pair you choose is the right pair for you. Welcome to 2021! (Did I mention that?? It all seems so modern, Lah!).

As you strut your shoe stuff in your home, you’ll notice immediately that these shoes are COMFORTABLE because of three main aspects.

  1. Top-quality Italian calfskin for soft, breathable comfort. The breathability and comfort go hand-in-hand — I mean foot-in-foot! Sometimes it takes a while to get used to a new pair of shoes, for them to adapt to your unique feet and lifestyle. The softness of carefully sourced leather is the key to enjoying your shoes from the first time you wear them.
  2. Extra room for those delicate toes – no painful cuts or rubs! Some shoemakers sacrifice room in the shoe’s ‘Toe Box’ for style thinking that a more narrow, pointed tow is better looking. What happens is that the shoe then becomes cramped in the more vulnerable area of your feet – the toes. The good health of your feet depends on having room for those ‘Little Piggies’ to move and stretch without cramping. At the end of the day, you’ll notice that your feet don’t hurt.
  3. Specially engineered cushion insoles for added support and lift. Soft lambskin insoles are an industry leader. From the moment you remove the insoles and bend them around and feel the suppleness of the leather, you know that these are going to swathe your feet in soft comfort like you may have not felt before. Shaped like little pillows, they exude the same kind of comfort.

Blending this kind of new-age shopping service and high-quality materials, Lucca Vudor offers a plethora of styles, colours to match your every mood or outfit. Sandals, heels, flats, and slippers are the style groups. You’ll see that each group has trendy, practical, comely offerings. Curious about ‘Slippers’ for instance, I was pleasantly surprised to see that these are slip-ons for outdoor or even beach occasions. They are perfect for our Singapore heat and casual attitudes. The other style ranges are equally elegant, smart, sassy, or chic. 

Spend some time shopping online, then take advantage of the Special Sizing Service and have a few pairs delivered (same day) and really have a good look and feel of these top-tier shoes for women.

You can visit for more about their products.

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