Magners’ Singapore International Comedy Festival Press Conference

The Magners Singapore International Comedy Festival is the biggest live comedy event Asia has ever seen. Taking over Boat Quay from the 23rd to 26th of April 2014 – a smorgasbord of award-winning international comedy acts are flying in specifically to Singapore.

Presented in fringe-style format, 40 comedians, 130 shows at 10 venues over 4 nights will thrill laughter-loving comedy fans.

Bar-hop from one show to another and lap up the hilarity; the proximity of the venues and free street entertainment will allow comedy lovers to move from one venue to the next, soaking up the diverse and convivial atmosphere each has to offer.

And by downloading the Magners Comedy Mobile App, fans will be equipped with easy access to show info, scedules and venues.

The Magners Singapore International Comedy Festival 2014 is set to be the largest international comedy event ever seen in Singapore. Tickets can be bought from SISTIC and the venues, for one show, for all shows in a venue or an all access pass for as many as you can squeeze into one night. And each ticket includes a free Magners Irish Cider.

So enjoy the Magners Singapore International Comedy Festival 2014 and let the comedy mayhem begin.

Nightly show schedule.

1) The Penny Black: 23 –- 26 April 2014
6:30pm – MAGNERS $10 Festival Showcase 

8pm – Ryan Coffey (AUS) is Live and LOUD

9:15pm – Paddy Lennox (IRE) Sucker Punch

10:30pm – Girls Night Out! 

2) Harry’s @ Boat Quay: 23 –- 26 April 2014
8pm – What Would Beyonce Do…? Starring Luisa Omelian (UK) 

9:45pm – Pretending Things Are a Cock. Starring Jon Bennett (AUS) 

11pm – Late Night MAGNERS Comedy Mash-Up

3) London Bar: 23 –- 26 April 2014
7:45pm – Nik Coppin (UK) – Mixed Racist

9pm – Whiskey for Dafties with Alan Anderson 

10:30pm – Best of British Comedy

4) Boomerang: 23 –- 26 April 2014
7pm – Tom Allen Live (UK) 

8:15pm – The Evolution of Imman (AUS) 

9:45pm – Tom Allen’s Chat Show

11pm – Thunder from Down Under. The Best in Australian Humour 

5) Irish Pub Molly Malone’s: 23 –– 26 April 2014
8pm – R U Smarter than an Irishman by Paddy McCullagh (IRE) 

9:15pm – Leo Kearse (SCOT) – Attella the Pun

10:30pm – Joke Thieves

6) UNCABUNCA: 23 –– 26 April 2014
7:45pm Vladimir McTavish. Starring Paul Sneddon (SCOT) 

9pm – Ria Lina (PHIL/UK) – It’s Not Easy Being Yellow

10:15pm – SHAGGERS Nik Coppin & Guests

7) THE MEN’S ROOM: 23 – 26 APRIL 2014
7:30pm – Will Mars (UK) Americana

8:45pm – Sarah Jones (AUS) Ventriloquist Comedian


8) THE ACTOR’S BAR: 23 – 26 APRIL 2014
7:30pm – Cocaine And Potatoes – Matthew Giffen (UK) 

8:45pm – Indian Invasion Comedy – Starring Sanjay & Sundeep (IND) 

10pm – Magners and Comedy Central’s New Act Competition

7pm – Jason Chong (SIN/AUS) Minority Retortv

8pm – – Vernon Lewis (USA) – Just a Coincidence 

9:45pm – Wes Zaharuk (CAN) The King Of Prop Comedy

For more ticket and show information, visit SISTIC and Comedy Festival.

Special thanks to Park Regis Singapore for the wonderful outdoor location and buffet spread.

Matthew Giffen
Vernon Lewis
Sanjay Manaktala
Ria Lina
Nik Coppin
Thanks Dhana for the photos!

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