Matilda The Musical Returns to the Mesmerizing Stage of Marina Bay Sands

Prepare to be captivated as Matilda The Musical makes a triumphant return to the grand Marina Bay Sands Theatre, teaching audiences the invaluable lesson of living a creative life, even when faced with disapproving parents!

Renowned for hosting top-notch, world-class productions, the Marina Bay Sands Theatre is the perfect setting for the exuberant music and lively action of Matilda The Musical. Garnering an impressive seven Olivier Awards (a record) and thirteen Helpmann Awards, this musical has received acclaim across the globe, leaving a lasting impression on audiences in North America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, and China. Seoul, Korea even presented its first non-English language production. With such accolades, Matilda The Musical stands as a testament to the power of a captivating storyline coupled with dynamic songs and action-oriented staging.

As Matilda’s character evolves, three talented actors depict the transformation of this spirited girl with unwavering determination. Matilda, unbound by societal norms or her challenging parents, navigates her unconventional life with pride and flair, accompanied by celebratory songs in this musical adaptation. Confronted by nontraditional parental figures, Matilda’s precocious intelligence is stifled, and her fervor for learning is denied. Yet, her unyielding intellectual curiosity remains undefeated.

Matilda’s resilient mind finds solace in the world of books, where authors’ voices deliver a hopeful and comforting message: “You are not alone,” as inspired by Roald Dahl. Amidst the challenges posed by her parents and the detestable school principal, Miss Trunchbull, Matilda perseveres. She defies the influence of those around her, determined to forge her path and shun the passive role expected by her father, a less-than-honest car dealer.

When Matilda’s parents embark on another dubious venture to Spain, she thrives. Along her journey, she encounters positive influencers like her teacher, Miss Honey, who, we later discover, is the niece of the malevolent Miss Trunchbull. Matilda’s life takes a positive turn as she moves in with Miss Honey, finding the harmonious, nurturing home she has always yearned for. Spoiler alert: Matilda The Musical concludes on a high note, both figuratively and literally, after numerous ups and downs for Matilda and her companions, Bruce and Lavender.

The production in Singapore is made possible through the collaborative efforts of Base Entertainment Asia, gwb (headquartered in the UK and Australia), and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Staging a musical of this magnitude requires the combined expertise of international entertainment producers. After witnessing the magic of Matilda The Musical, you’ll gain insight into the monumental challenge of presenting such a production on the world-class stage of Marina Bay Sands. The musical’s empowering message is embodied in Matilda’s fearless proclamation:

“All of a sudden she found that she was frightened by nobody in the world.”

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