Meeting Uno My New Private Bestie

Elegantly-Designed to be Your New Fav Toy

Love is a kind of symptom that arises through the repression of libido.

Frank Tallis, A Death in Vienna

You’ll like UNO. Yes, I’m sure you will. Like you, UNO is poised, pretty, private, yet precocious. Aptly named, Hello Nancy presents UNO as a personal toy with style and flair – “designed for the Curious, but clueless.” Suggesting that UNO will take you to new frontiers of self-pleasure that you may not (probably not) have even dreamt of before. 

Let’s have a look …

Small, beige, and flexible (especially the tip), UNO provides pleasure just by holding it in your hands. Designed to excite both internal and external pleasures, UNO has five intensities, operated with a single button, from low and slow to “Oh, My Goodness!!” Try them all in the privacy of your favourite room or at an al fresco hideaway. You’ll be OK. In action, UNO produces a soft hum as if to say “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” … 

Never has technology been so much fun – SO much fun! 

  • Press the button, Baby.
  • Try the first vibration level on your nipples, thighs, or the back of your neck, then venture to the vulva, then …
  • Keep clicking to roam through the vibe levels. Sigh, murmur, or scream as you do.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, invite a partner to share the world of UNO exploring erogenous zones as you travel. 
  • Hold the button to switch off, then take a few deep breaths to wind down or pick right up and do it again, you naughty girl! 

To compliment your UNO you might want to order the “Uno Bliss Bundle”. Included in the bundle is a soft Pleasure Pouch to delicately hold your device, as well as the “Playtime Pleasures Guide” to help you on your journey to Blissville with a detour or two along the way. If you, like me – Janiqueel – are the type of person who likes to explore the possibilities of UNO, you’ll love Playtime Pleasures, a booklet of ideas, lists, and discoveries to enhance the new realm of desire and satisfaction into which you have ventured.

NANCY, the purveyor of UNO started as a group of Asian women of various ages eager to remove the taboos and stigmas that have, for generations, accompanied the healthy act of self-stimulation “to make it a little less scary, and a lot more fun.” 


Maaike Steinebach – from big business in Hong Kong to the fulfilling business of promoting self-realisation, Maaike brings a fresh dimension of business sense and aesthetic appreciation.

Sara Tang – having founded Sarasense in Hong Kong, Sara is a natural for UNO. A sex coach, she guides her clients to happier, more fulfilled sex lives.

Aryn Cristobal – an accomplished actor and singer, based in the Philippines with an extensive followers base, Aryn fits right into the UNO Asian vibe.

Karis Cheng – with an idea whose time had come, Karis gave UNO the momentum to launch the very first UNO toy. She is the mastermind.

These vibrant women are devoted to bringing women’s self-pleasure out of the closet and into daily lives. 

Did I mention this? You will like UNO.

Research and writing help from JKJ

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