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Janiqueel has a look at – and several sniffs of – a new concept in the world of Singapore perfumery.

Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odour cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally.

Patrick Süskind

21 grams – the weight of a soul.

When we asked Maison 21G founder, Johanna Monange, what we shouldn’t neglect to mention in an article about Maison 21G, she responded, “… Empowering people to find their own scent identity, not to accept dictation from big brands, educate people about perfumery, embrace uniqueness, transparency, personalisation, direct access, more value = high-quality ingredient at affordable price.”

If Maison 21G needed a mission statement, we just found it! Thanks, Johanna. By the way, you have a beautiful name! And a beautiful idea. She’s an expert in the perfumery business – a scent designer. I suppose I must have intuited that there would be such a profession, but I didn’t give it enough thought. I will now.

Johanna and her team can be found at the home of Maison 21G on trendy Duxton Road. A practically pleasing space of glass with white walls and black shelves and accents. The shelves are neatly stacked with perfumes and perfume ingredients on a multitudinous scale. Here, magic happens.

Using a unique personalised approach, clients are asked about the occasions for which they may be wearing their new scent, other perfumes of which they are especially fond, favourite scents from the natural world, and what the benefits of scent might be. To complement this information, a personality quiz helps to determine the proclivities of the client. Put all together, Maison 21 G has built a unique “olfactory profile.”

What a concept! What fun way to buy perfume. The scents are triggers for emotions. Some exude calmness; others prompt sensuality and desire; some have a hint of melancholy; some prompt memories. Yes, the scent is one of the most discernible prompts for memories. Maybe you’re prompted to think of a special date, an especially poignant evening spent with friends, or even the scent of another – love, friend, companion, or partner.

It’s all there in those elegant little bottles waiting to be sprayed on (atomizers recommended and supplied with purchases) to reveal the personality of the wearer.

A visit to Maison 21G is the door to a new olfactory experience. In addition to the amazing array of scents, the company offers private workshops for individuals and groups (of 10 or less), solid perfumes, roll-on perfumes and even HAND SANITIZERS. Yes, right up-to-date on that one. I love the scent of vanilla, so the sanitizer with Orris and Vanilla is going to be my constant companion these days.

Johanna Monange says, “There is also no education in perfumery right now on how to choose a perfume. Our job is, therefore, to help them understand the right scent for each occasion.”

Take a deep breath. Enter the world of scents.

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