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Janiqueel provides an introduction to an ‘online curated lifestyle concept store’ 

I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty.

Miuccia Prada

We asked Zeina Halaoui, founder of More Than Peachy what inspired that snappy name.“ I meticulously choose my items, and peachy means fine, so I make sure that all my products are actually more than peachy!” There you go – that sounds just Peachy to Janiqueel, too. With a fresh, new vibe, More Than Peachy Represents niche companies devoted to joining aesthetics and sustainability. That’s what More Than Peachy is all about. 

Joining the upcoming Boutique Fairs Singapore: the gifting edition which, by the way, sounds like a blast was a natural for More Than Peachy. At the Fairs, small brands highlighting individual designers find a place to show off their unique wares. Uniqueness is the vibe after which More Than Peachy strives, as Zeina Halaoui explains:

More than peachy was born from my love for fashion and decor. I found myself struggling to find fun, vibrant, decently priced clothes, accessories and decor items in Singapore, and spending long hours on different websites and ordering from across the world. I then decided to launch More than Peachy, an online boutique with items curated from around the world. It is a culmination of everything I love. I provide many items perfect for gifting and want to be the go-to brand when people need to buy a gift. 

When you “go to” you’ll find surprises such as the Platter Chunky (large or medium) – a serving platter coloured with large dollops of primary colours on a large ceramic plate. To give an accent to your upcoming holiday gustations use this platter which is as eye-catching as the table accessories, bowls, salad servers, plates, vases, candles, and candle holders to really show off your home and food.

If you are in the mood for clothing and accessories from the “completely new and different “ side of good fashion, have a peek at one of More than Peachy clothing lines. It’s something else.  Let’s say you have an autumn trip planned to, say,  Europe or America, you’ll be happy to have a light wrap that’s easy to stow in your luggage and oh, so cosy to slip into before venturing out into the bracing autumnal chill. Called Celine Puffer Jackets – the perfect between-seasons outerwear. Also bracing and vibrant are artisanal necklaces each of which speaks to the natural, creative design elements. Kaftans, skirts, dresses, sets, and tops all have a unique character-enhancing profile that you won’t see anywhere else. 

“More than Peachy clothing line works mainly with block printing which is handmade and uses natural dyes. They also do not waste any fabric- any leftover fabric is made into products such as scrunchies.”

More than Peachy is the sum of multitudinous parts. All of the concepts offered through the company’s portal are works of art with a Southeast Asian vibe. 

My brand is fun, cheeky, and vibrant as the name sounds.

Zeina Halaoui

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