Motosumo LIVE fitness review

Janiqueel tries a power ride with MOTOSUMO LIVE – set up in her flat, online, and READY TO RIDE!

When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts. That’s the hurt locker. Winners love it in there.

Chris McCormack

With an odd name and a unique notion, the self-professed nerds at MOTOSUMO – set up a company to answer the needs of fitness enthusiasts in these Covid-19 times. About the name – MOTOSUMO? Are we talking about a cross between motorbike scrambling and Japanese wrestling? Is this a new cult? A brand of exercise apparel? An exercise regimen? Getting close now. For the definitive answer, went right to the source – Brooke Emory, leading instructor for Motosumo LIVE:

Motosumo was started by a group of three friends. All three of them love sports. They played volleyball, ran marathons, and our CEO, Kresten, was once the president of the Copenhagen Triathlon Club. They also happen to be nerds. Like real nerds. We’re talking degrees in engineering and PhDs in astrophysics, and modelling human physiology. So they wanted a nerdy name. They came up with Motosumo, which means “we are motion” in Latin. Well, sort of. It’s actually a bad translation (they’re tech nerds, not linguists), but it stuck! 

Catchy, Huh? Kind of like the name “janiqueel”. Odd, yet it sticks in the brain. Right? Right!

Sadly, these days many live fitness studios have had to close down or scale back to an extreme degree. Sensing a niche, Motosumo had the idea to offer LIVE training classes geared to a plethora of experience levels and ability ranges. The keyword here is “LIVE”.  After all, there are plenty of cycle training sessions available online, why choose Motosumo? What say, Brooke Emory?

Motosumo Live is way more than just a workout. From day one, you’re training with a close-knit team, making friends, and getting instant, live feedback and motivation from your instructor. It’s about having a real, genuine, human experience.

Personalized interaction with expert instructors is what it’s all about. To get ready for the classes, Motosumo will guide you through setting up a stationary bike if you don’t already have one) in your own digs. If your bike has a PowerMeter you can connect directly to the Motosumo app. Even without that perk, you re in the hands of professional whether you are stepping on a bike for the first time, or training for your own Tour de Hometown. That’s the beauty of an online LIVE experience. It’s about your limits, goals, and expectations. 

Of course, if you are a gym operator of fitness professional the Motosumo concept will transfer seamlessly to your group sessions where you facilitate the classes and jump on a bike yourself.

Live leaderboards, 3D races, and team challenges are some of the many innovations that the cycle-nerds at Motosumo are working on to heighten the experience and ensure fitness results. Someday we will put this Covid-19 situation behind us. Yes, we will. When that day comes you can continue to enjoy the Motosumo Live classes while fulfilling your dreams of outdoor rallies and races.

That day will come, and we will RIDE AWAY.

Research and writing help by JKJ

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