Mr C Gets the Fun Factor Flying at Legoland

Janiqueel accompanies the young explorer to a theme park chock full of fun

Fun is Good

Dr Suess

Mama took me to Legoland. Oh, what fun we had! I’m almost three, so I could enjoy most of the rides and attractions while some were just a little bit too big and scary. Not to worry — I’ll be back. I promise. Right, Mama?

For now, here are some of the thrills that made our theme park adventure one of the best yet:

Hotel Ramada Medini – Overlooking the rest of the park and Johor Bahru, our room, appointed in primary colours, was bright and airy and big enough for me to get some good running in even before we left for the park itself. Our suite had two rooms – a double for Ah Ma and me and a single with a giant bed for Mama. I couldn’t wait to get out and explore and then to come back to our super room which we decided to call “Base Camp.”

Play Town Meet and Greet – After settling in and testing all three beds for ‘bounce-ability’, we headed for Playtown where the hosts on stage gave me and others a chance to loosen up and dance to some groovy MoooSic. In a big room with wide-open spaces, I could get my groove on in a big, wide-open way. I wore sneakers, my best jeans, and a casual button-up top in blue stripes. I was feeling sporty. I danced and dreamed of the adventures ahead of me on this special day. Everywhere I looked – LEGOS! 

Swimming and Splashing – Time to get wet! We changed and headed for one of the many pools in the Water Park. Goggles on, we slid down the bright yellow slide. I hung tight to Mama on the first few tries. Eventually, I felt brave enough to let go of her and slide on my own. This was exciting stuff. Every time we cot to the bottom, the water would splash over our heads. All I could see was water. Mr C’s advice? Remember the goggles. There’s another feature where water splashes on the roof of a Lego structure before cascading on the swimmers below.

Boarding a clear plastic innertube, we dropped into a swiftly flowing stream. I barely had time to wave at Ah Ma before we were whisked us away – the tube spinning and Mama and I laughing and shouting. Did I mention that we were having FUN?

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park can be divided into 8 themed section as stated below:

  1. The Beginning
  2. LEGO Technic
  3. LEGO Kingdoms
  4. Imagination
  5. Land of Adventure
  6. LEGO City
  8. LEGO Ninjago World

After we had dried off, I donned denim shorts and my plaid button-down shirt and we headed for the Kingdoms. We each put on a pair of giant ‘4-D’ glasses and watched in wonder the Legends of Chima. I have to admit – I looked killer in those big shades. On a giant throne, I had my picture taken with Ma Ma who looked so royal. She is a Queen! I took the wheel of a big, blue Lego Jeep and pretended that I was really driving. After a ride on the Lego train, I met a life-sized Batman. In his black and yellow uniform, he was intimidating at first, but after I had taken a deep breath of two, I relaxed to find that this action figure was really nice. I think he liked me, especially after I showed him my Batman water bottle which is my constant companion when I am adventuring. Believe me – this was an adventure!

Rides – Seatbelt firmly buckled I rode on the Lego train ALL BY MYSELF. I felt empowered. Is that the right word? We watched as the big kids drove the brightly-coloured race cars around the track. I’m still too small for that, but I HAVE A DREAM! Put me behind the wheel, strap me in, and watch me race. Gentlemen, start your engines.

So much to do in Legoland. At the end of each day, I crashed on our comfy bed and thought about all of our adventures. 

I love Legoland.

“We believe that it is important to preserve the traditions and cultures celebrated in Malaysia through education especially for our next generation. At LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, we incorporate a touch of LEGO® DNA to what we offer, making it an exciting yet educational experience for all. This year, we centred our activities on culture and performances relevant to the Lunar New Year. We hope to spark the interest of our young visitors and share more about the Chinese heritage and culture”, said Mr. C.S. Lim, General Manager at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

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With research and writing help by Mr C’s pal, JKJ

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