Mumsfairy Lactation Workshop happening on 4th March 2017

Do you know…
In Singapore, 99% of new mothers attempted to breastfeed their babies. Although breastfeeding initiation rate was high, only 1% babies were exclusively breastfed at 6 months. The most common reasons for stopping were:
  • Insufficient supply 61%
  • Back to work 24%
  • Baby unable to latch properly/ well 18%


Due to paradigm shift in infant feeding method, mode of birth and social changes, breastfeeding is no longer as natural as in the past. However, most new parents aren’t aware, resulting in many mothers facing unnecessary challenges and giving up.
Mumsfairy’s co-founders Juliet Chan and Valerie Ng went through the same struggles, spurring them to play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting fellow breastfeeding mothers in this beautiful journey. They underwent 1000 hours of clinical practice in NUH, Singapore’s first BFHI-certified hospital. (View Press release)
As international board certified lactation consultants in private practice, ex-breastfeeding mothers, and experts in breastfeeding products, Juliet and Valerie know they are the best people to promote this social cause.

Hence they combined all their know-hows and painstakingly customised an unique and highly effective lactation workshop specially for pregnant mums.

This workshop aims to empower new mums-to-be with the essential knowledge and hands-on skills needed for a good start in breastfeeding. Once initial breastfeeding is well-established, most mothers are confident and motivated to move on independently. 
This workshop will be conducted by lactation consultant (IBCLC) trainers. Who are IBCLCs?
To date, Mumsfairy has helped hundreds of new mothers as well as mothers who failed previously and wished to do it right the next time round, breastfeed successfully. Read some of the many testimonials…

Why Join?

  • Early exposure to breastfeeding role models can significantly increase women’s breastfeeding self-efficacy. Defined as a mother’s confidence in her perceived ability to perform a specific task or behavior, self-efficacy has been reported to influence choices, goals, emotional reaction, coping and persistence. 
  • You don’t know what you don’t know. This is the only breastfeeding focused workshop that last 6 hours. It provides proper instructions to improve maternal confidence.
  • Mummies get 6 months of breastfeeding support after delivery. This would mean that mummies could turn to the trainers for advice and support anytime if they face problems in their breastfeeding effort. This is very important. Many mummies give up breastfeeding because they feel so alone and unsupported. 


Upcoming Workshop Date: 4 March 2017, Saturday
Time: 1230pm to 630pm (Light refreshments provided)
Venue:  Bove (Spring Maternity) @ Suntec City Mall Tower 4 #02-721

  1. Fee: $255, which includes
    6-hours of professional breastfeeding workshop customised for new mothers
  2. Invitation to be part of an exclusive support group mentored by IBCLC trainers 
  3. Goodie bag (at least $200 worth)
Register here.
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