Music lovers of all ages and walks of life will come together for a SING’ATHON

United by a common mission: singing to raise funds to bring live music to the underserved communities!

In the frame of Giving Week organized by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre – NVPC, Sing’theatre is launching its second edition of SING’ATHON on Sunday, 5th December 2021 after a very successful 2020 Edition.

”If people can run a Marathon for a cause, why not sing for a cause, for a Singathon? Especially when the cause is to support Sing’theatre community outreach programs to bring music to underserved communities,” explains TJ Taylor, Sing’theatre’s Associate Artistic Director who came up with the idea.
From 10 am to 10 pm, singers from all walks of life, age, and race will take turns every 20 minutes to perform all music styles, reflecting the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural aspect of the Singaporean society.

The 12-hour concert will be streamed on YouTube. Each group has a fund-raising target of S$ 1,000.00

The artistic team at Sing’theatre is still working on the line-up and hopes to receive applications from singing talents who want to contribute.

If you want to apply to be a performer, please send an email to before 20 November with the video link of you/your group singing/performing

Sing’theatre’s mission is to perform for a better society and it has brought live music to the hospitals since 2013.

“MusicFest@SGH”, a whole day festival of music for all by all, was presented on 21 June 2013, and has happened annually since, until 2019,

Thereafter Sing’theatre has created other weekly concerts programs at National University Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital.
In October 2019 “365 days of Music@SingHealth” was launched, a very ambitious program bringing 1 hour of live music every day in one of the public hospitals.

Since February 2020, “365 days of Music@Singhealth” pivoted online. Big screens were set up in hospitals to allow patients to enjoy concerts where they could interact with the performers and request the music they wanted to hear.

To engage other communities who can benefit from the power of music, Sing’theatre is working on a new program “Singing for Good” that aims at creating singing groups with underserved communities.

“I am heartbroken to see all the people with underlying conditions, like the Old folks or patients with cancers, being stuck at home, especially since the heightened alert” says Nathalie Ribette, Sing’theatre artistic director “The effect singing has on health has been proven by many studies, and offering weekly group singing sessions to those communities, makes so much sense for Sing’theatre!

It allows us to keep on our mission, and we have all the skills to do so with Sing’theatre academy!”, adds TJ Taylor, head of Sing’theatre Academy, the education pillar of Sing’theatre.

A pilot will be launched on 16 November in collaboration with “O’joy”, a leading organization to provide psychosocial care for older persons and their families.

Discussions are on the way with Breast Cancer support groups from SingHealth home to create an online choir.

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To participate as a singer:
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