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Janiqueel takes a peek at a Singapore company’s sparkling new ANTI-AGEING GLOW SET

Skincare is so much more important than makeup. Makeup is for when you’re having fun and going out. But your skin is forever. 

Halima Aden

Have a look at the tastefully-coloured small bottles and you’ll get the impression that Forest MD is a designer/skincare brand born in Singapore dedicated to good skin health. I have the aptly-named ANTI-AGING GLOW SET. I love it and am ready to use each of the three regularly for 28 days. I’m on Day Twelve (it is a very pleasant routine). Blended with natural ingredients, and incorporating stem cells, the Glow Set is a natural way to hydrate while becoming more resilient to stress, pollution, and climate change. Let’s have a peek at each member of the super-popular set.

Hydrating Soothing Essence

It’s a toner that moisturises and revitalizes as it soothes red, itchy irritable skin. A good nose, like yours, may pick up the aromas of  Tremella mushroom, ginseng and chamomile. Did I mention soothing? After cleansing, you’ll apply the Hydrating Soothing Essence. Pay attention to how it softens your skin and how you feel calm all over. The fact that it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, is telling. Causing no harm, it has been clinically proven to be beneficial in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. This is especially true when it is combined with the other members of the Glow Set – Stem Cell Sleeping Mask and Muru Muru Age-Defy Cream.

Anti-Ageing Glow Set

Stem Cell Sleeping Mask

Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apples. Forest MD Sleeping Mask. There’s a connection. The stem cells are cultivated and grown from the cells within Swiss apples. Freshness to the core! Stimulating the natural cell renewal process and adding vitality to your skin, the sleeping mask brings calm. Because it’s a spray-on gel, the mask can comfortably be left on all night or all daytime under a moisturiser. Like the Soothing Essence, it is suitable for all skin types.

Muru Muru Age-Defy Cream

Again, Swiss Apple stem cells are put to work along with Muru Muru butter from the Amazon rainforest to combine with other naturally-derived ingredients. Cactus stem cells, Swill garden cress, and snow algae powder – to name a few – all contribute to boosting luminosity within your skin. Cutting-edge technology ensures absorption bringing all the benefits of this carefully-curated and stylishly-presented cream to your skin and your good vibes. 

If you’re eager to know more about the science behind skincare in general and Forest MD skincare products in particular, look online for information about skin cell technology, testimonials, and more about Uttwiler Spätlauber apples. You’ll not be surprised to find that much knowledge around stem cell use for skincare and its benefits refers quite often to Forest MD. 

Formulated with skincare experts from Singapore and Korea, and certified 100% cruelty-free by PETA. Forest MD harnesses the power of nature to renew and transform your skin. Packed with medical-grade plant actives at a sufficiently high dose to make a difference. And at the same time, free of harsh and allergenic substances and artificial chemicals, the range of products at Forest MD is suitable for all skin types, empowering anyone’s skin to be the best it can be.

For every purchase of the Anti-Ageing Glow Set, they can redeem a free Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser (worth $70) by typing in the promo code “fmdgiveaway”in the order notes when they checkout. You can find out more about the Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser here.

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