My Shanghai Story – 茶

My journey to Hu Xin Ting Teahouse (湖心亭) and Yu Garden (豫园) was rather interesting. I overslept thanks to the nice wet weather and was supposed to meet Jerome and Ai. They came knocking on my door after breakfast. I did not want them to wait for me so I told them I can go there myself and meet them there.
An adventure on a foreign land. Hu Xin Ting is located right in the middle of the Yu Garden bazaar. I asked people in the hotel and on the streets for directions. Jerome and Ai were worried as I was an hour late! But I did make it to Hu Xin Ting Teahouse alone via public transport. *claps* It was pretty easy to get around Shanghai by train.
No. 257 Yuyuan Road, Huangpu District
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