Naked Lab Bamboo Silk Bedding Hong Kong review

Janiqueel recognizes the value of good sleep. She finds that NAKED LAB helps her to find it.

Good sleep is like a well-deserved vacation, it helps you to recharge and relax for new challenges. We are here to let you own your holiday time every day, effortlessly!

Joyce Lau, founder of Naked Lab

A unique name for a unique product – NAKED LAB. No, it is NOT the description of a large water dog without clothes. Rather, it’s the name of a refreshing bedding manufacturer in Hong Kong with a refreshingly new take on comfortable, ethical, organic, fashionable sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

To find out more about NAKED LAB we went right to the source, Joyce Lau, founder of the company. As you might guess, she is a wealth of knowledge and a believer in what she purveys.

Ethical? Organic? What gives? 

Oeko-Tex is an organization that certifies that fabrics are made without harmful chemical agents. Complying with their stringent standards, Naked Lab is proud to be earth-conscious. This means that the soft fabric that swaddles you and your loved ones for a third of each day is certified to be free of the components of fabric manufacture that are harmful to the environment and to YOU and your family.

The packaging of Naked Lab products is minimalistic, too – easily recycled, leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible. As you swaddle, you can dream of peace and purity knowing you have tried at least a little bit to be aware of the origin of the products you sleep with and their impact on the earth.  

It may be no surprise to learn that China is the origin of bamboo-based products. And, believe me, there’s a plethora of them. Regularly inspected for production capacity, quality control, business performance, and ethical employment standards, the Chinese factories where Naked Lab bedding is made are clean and safe. A world-leading inspection company verifies it. Bamboo ethics are nothing that you need to lose sleep about. 

There’s a bottom line here. Serious about the credibility of what it is are selling, Naked Lab strives to do it right. It’s a brand new day. Followed by a delicious night’s sleep. Colour-wise, I’m drawn to Pia’s Pink for my first set. Not a pink fan really, I, nonetheless, like the soft hue of Pia’s Pink, almost a soft orange. We are NOT talking hot pink by any means.

But, who is PIA? I hear you asking.

The daughter of the afore-mentioned Joyce Lau, Pia was just two months old when a serious case of eczema appeared. Searching for an alternative to the scratchy, stiffness of cotton, Joyce Lau came upon bamboo-based bedding. Voila! A company was born. Pia slept more soundly, her problem subsided, and her mother was comforted and inspired.

By the way, in researching fabrics and their connection to sleep, Joyce Lau found that sleeping sans vêtements – as our fond French friends would say, is another method of ensuring a night of better sleep. Without clothes, she found, we tend to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Swathed in the bamboo beneficence of Naked Lab bedding, you might dream of apples, then awaken and remind yourself that today is going to be a good day.

Good Night. Sweet Dreams.

You can visit for more about their products.

Research and writing help by JKJ

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