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Natural. Thoughtful. Soft. BisousBaba. Bold. Beauty. 

Janiqueel samples unique colours, designs, and vibes from BisousBaba easy fashions

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, and what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.

Gianni Versace

When the day is done, when the day has just begun, or when the day calls you to relax in something stylish yet snuggly, then BisousBaba beckons. With an underpinning of care for the artisans and the environment the brand is based on aesthetics and style. Completely cotton, so fully functional, especially in a tropical climate, the fabrics are prewashed to soften them completely before they are sewn into some of the most eye-catching colours and cuts you can imagine. The beauty is in the details – pockets, cuffs, and piping are some of the considerations that make wearing BisousBaba a dance with art.

With babas a speciality, the cottony feel of leisure wear for kids is natural. The collections: Mes Chouchou; Mon Amour; and Ma Cherie include sprightly-named prints like Leen; Erin; Niko; Prats; Vinnie; Sana; Pia; Aria; Ishi; Raika; Ragu; Juju; Alex; Kay; Tahj; Louis; Iyla; and Noah meld with the mad mix of swirling prints and remarkable colours that the fabrics exude. 

Prashanthi Mathier and Jesreen Kaur Tuli (the founders of BisousBaba who kindly responded to Janiqueel’s questions) says, 

We launched our brand for the Baba range with the softest 100% cotton voile, hand dyed and block printed with vegetable dyes in Jaipur. However, as our collections expanded, we started exploring other fabrics and print and artisan techniques. We realised that at the core of our designs, was the desire to be comfortable and cool for the weather in Singapore. Also, what was important for us to communicate was the close collaboration we have with our artisans in India. Each piece is made completely by hand.

Are there plans for the brand to expand its present categories – men, women, accessories, and – last but certainly NOT least – KIDS?

Absolutely! It’s already begun! This brand has been built from day one – from our hearts. Our designs and fabrics are truly developed based on what we love and want to wear.

Our origins were inspired by our kids, but we continue to expand to moms, women, and men, as well as accessories that help our tribe pull the look together.  

The men especially have really loved our sets, and so we decided to launch a sub brand catering just to them. BisousBaba-Man is our new baby!

Stay tuned for some exciting developments here and across the brand – all to be launched in time for the next Boutiques Fair in November!

Hoping to strengthen ties with the community, Prashanthi Mathier is eager to connect:

We have intentionally not launched/updated our website as we love the personal interactions that IG has given us. We know each and every customer and use this platform to continue to build intimate relationships, gain insights and improve our product. It’s a lot more work than just setting up a website, buying some ads and selling blindly. We don’t want to be one of those brands – this approach is very important to us.

With all good wishes for continued success, Janiqueel will graciously leave the last word to the founders:

Something very exciting is brewing we have an incredible new expansion to our collection, which we know is very special and unique. We can’t wait till it’s ready and we plan to launch at the Boutiques fair in November!

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