Nature. Adventure. Books. NATVENTURE Books combine all Three Beautifully.

Janiqueel looks at and reads from the collection of books available from NATVENTURE BOOKS

Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mr C was mesmerized by the elaborately beautiful illustrations of the Natventure books that we read together. He loved them all, but it was The Elephant by author and illustrator, Jenni Desmond that really caught his fancy. It’s about giraffes. Just kidding! 

It’s about elephants, of course. All about elephants’ habits, dispositions, homes, and peculiarities. Following curious young naturalist, we learn along with him about African and Indian elephants and their families. The illustrations are so colourful and richly detailed that my young nature boy wanted to touch every page as we explored the African Savanna and the Asian forests. When the young main character of the book needs a rest, he and his friend climb aboard one of the humongous tusks and have a snooze as their giant new friend keeps a careful watch. Mr C loved that picture. I think he slept on a tusk that night in his dreams.

We had the whole set of the “10 Reasons” books. 10 reasons to love a Bear, a Lion, a Penguin, etc. Ours were in Mandarin which heightened the reading-together experience for both Mom and Nature Boy. Like The Elephant, the illustrations are captivating. The animals are friendly and kindly without overt anthropomorphism. I like that. These are nature studies rather than stories creating a great base for young scientists to launch their curiosity.

The Hike by Alison Farrell is a story and a good one, too. It follows one day’s adventures of three girls. As well as telling their story, the book includes a sketchbook, numerous labels, and scientific information. We imitated the three adventure girls the next day as we roamed our local park. Soon, like his three new book friends, Mr C will be ready to note, describe, and illustrate his local hikes. I’ll help him!

The first addition to his nature-based reference collection, The Atlas of Animals written and illustrated by Giulia Lombardo is recommended for those age 6 and above. Mr C, loved the pictures, though. I love maps in books and I appreciated the many that accompany the descriptions giving helpful markings to find the habitats. Yes, I am above 6. 

We could get lost in the many books offered by NATVENTURE. All are sourced with the overriding idea of presenting nature in a factual, graphically exciting way. 

“Let’s read a book and go for a hike, Mr C!”

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Research and writing help from naturalist JKJ.

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