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I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.

Lauren Bacall

Using HIFES (facial electromagnetic stimulation) and synchronized radiofrequency, to provide the latest high-tech advancements, the BTL EMFACE is a no-touch, pain-free, no-downtime, full-face treatment forthrightly addressing the effects of aging on the face one presents to the world. Researching and developing the newest, most effective methods of face enhancement, BTL is an industry leader in supplying professional solutions to age-old issues.

Our faces have layers – three of them. Melded together, the layers create a smooth ballet of skin, connective tissue, and muscle moving seamlessly together to breathe life into your visage. Offering no pain, no time wasted the procedure is relaxing. About how many procedures can one say that? Harmonizing Radio Frequencies (RF) and HIFES™, EMFACE tackles issues like wrinkles and softening muscles. Non-invasively, the radio frequencies heat the dermis layer to produce new levels of elastin fibers and collagen resulting in a springier, bouncier look and feel – remodeled! HIFES™ targets facial muscles and tissues. The muscles actually add density, thus firmness, to your face. The result is a more defined, less rounded face. 

With tighter, toned skin and underlying muscles, your face is lifted. As your skin smooths and tightens, wrinkles smoothen and disappear. The process, though it may sound miraculous, is firmly based on science and technology. Don’t expect a new face; this is a remodel not a remake. It’s like going to the gym except the muscle you are concentrating on now are the ones in your face. Like gym exercise, the results are not immediate, but when you start to see and feel them, you will be pleased.

Three sticky pads – one on the forehead and one on each cheek – slowly heat up like hot stones. Then they vibrate. At first, this may feel a bit odd. You’ve most likely never felt your face simultaneously being vibrated and, ever so gently, massaged with a soft electrical current. Yes, it is strange, but rest assured, the technology is working to strengthen facial muscles as it smooths and helps to regenerate new skin. 

Moyem Medical BTL EMFACE

Behind this remarkable product, the “BTL” in BTL EMFACE is an international corporation devoted to “aesthetics and physiotherapy”. Aesthetics is the key to the products that Euro-based BTL offers. Concentrating on the connections between aesthetics and physiotherapy means that BTM is not a giant, amorphous corporation, but a concentrated one with the ultimate focus on the end-users like you and me! 

Not a “one and done” answer, BTL EMFACE usually starts with four treatments spaced a week or two apart. After this, or even during this, you will begin to see real differences in the texture and suppleness of your skin. 

Here are the ADVANTAGES according to Janiqueel:

  • No knife; no needle;
  • Side effects, if any, are minor;
  • Although cost is a factor, the Emface routine is certainly less costly than surgery;
  • With improved muscle tone your face looks and feels younger – from the inside;
  • Procedures are comfortable, fast, and efficient. 

Skin, Connective tissues, and muscle – think about that trio harmonizing. What happens when they are in concert with each other, is a true remake. 

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