New challenges ahead for Déliciae Hospitality Management and Chef Bruno Ménard‏

Olivier Bendel, Founder and CEO of Déliciae Hospitality Management, and Bruno Ménard, 3 Michelin star Chef, have decided to part ways in favour of new challenges in their separate culinary journeys.
Olivier Bendel and Bruno Ménard met in 2011 and promptly became friends with their common passion for fine food and hospitality. Olivier, a skilled entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and Chef Bruno Ménard who was awarded the very prestigious 3 Michelin stars at l’Osier (Tokyo, Japan) in 2008, embarked on a unique culinary journey in Singapore in January 2012.
Since then, the great success of their partnership is evident in the two restaurant concepts – &MADE and La Cantine. &MADE, a gourmet hand-made burger joint in Pacific Plaza, was launched with a big bang in July 2012, and La Cantine, Chef Bruno’s take on the traditional French brasserie, opened in Asia Square in September 2012. Together, they also took part in major events in Singapore and abroad as experienced and renowned F&B professionals (Singapore F1 GP, World Gourmet Summit and Savour to name a few).
After more than two years of a rich and unique collaboration, Olivier and Bruno have decided to face new challenges. Déliciae is currently looking to concentrate on the expansion of F&B concepts such as L’Entrecôte and Sabio across South-East Asia, while Chef Bruno is looking to bring his skills and expertise to the international arena.
The pair will part ways amicably from April 2014 and updates on their upcoming endeavours will be announced soon.

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