O sleep! O gentle sleep! SleepyWinks

There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.

Homer – The Odyssey

Balance. The word keeps cropping up of late in janiqueel.com articles. For example, think of Duolac probiotics (gut health). Think OMG hair products (PH balance). Think Playeum where childhood fun and learning balance each other. Think Changi Recommends where a portable router helps to balance the need for WiFi and the need to travel far from the comfort of home. Balance.

Meeting Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, recently, an acquaintance of mine queried how he projects a seemingly happy, confident, relaxed aura in the midst of one of the most stressful jobs in the world. ‘How do you do it?’ She asked the PM. ‘No matter what, I get eight hours of sleep each night,’ was his rapid reply. Another acquaintance does a daily radio show (‘Main Street’ on Prairie Public Radio (North Dakota) – easily googled). To the same question, Doug Hamilton replied, ‘If your mind is sleepy, your mouth doesn’t know what to say. In a typical day, I’ll use tens of thousands of words— many of them polysyllabic— I wouldn’t dream of doing that without a solid eight hours of refreshing sleep.’ Even with tongue tucked in cheek (he can do this trick while on air), Doug extols the regimen advocated by Mr. Trudeau.

‘I’ve tried it. I sleep better,’ claims a dynamic mother/entrepreneur. Who? Me – janiqueel! What have I tried? SleepyWinks. What’s SleepyWinks? SleepyWinks is NATURAL – ‘Made from freshly picked herbs (chamomile, valerian root, lemon balm, tart cherry juice, passion flower, lavender, cinnamon, red rose, banana and banana peel, hops) of premium quality.’ EFFECTIVE – ‘All herbs carefully selected and meticulously blended for their synergistic healing properties.’ HEALTHY – ‘We salute your commitment to healthy lifestyle and promise never to poison you with drugs.’ DELICIOUS – ‘What’s good for your health needs to be good for your taste buds as well!’ It’s an herbal tea infusion. Let’s be honest – it’s not the first herbal infusion promising better sleep. The difference between SleepyWinks and other infusions, though, is the science and research behind the former.

www.sleepywinks.com is an easily-navigated, informative, fresh-faced website chock full of facts about sleep and SleepyWinks. ‘SleepyWinks herbal blends have been designed to work with your body, as natural, holistic solutions that draw their potency from centuries of experience combined with cutting edge, new technologies.’ Offering two blends, one for Day and the other for Night, SleepyWinks promotes ‘REBALANCE’ packages using both blends. The 30-DAY

REBALANCE Optimum is their flagship product, while they also lovingly packed the 10-DAY Starter for those who wish to try them out.

Sleepywinks also hosts a blog with some apt advice for the would-be sleepyhead. Aimed squarely at women like me, ‘Work-Life Balance for Working Moms – 12 Brilliant Tips You Can Apply Today!’ is useful, realistic advice for anyone, but especially the working mom. Of course, SleepyWinks hopes it will encourage readers to try their product, but the list displays the serious intent behind these herbal infusions. Here, without gloss are the brilliant tips:

  1. Have 3 SMART Goals Each Day.
  2. Set a Time Limit for All Home Activities
  3. Don’t Strive for Perfection.
  4. Learn to say NO.
  5. Keep a Single Calendar for Work and Personal Life.
  6. Reap the Benefits of Working on Weekends.
  7. Say No to Multi-tasking.
  8. Try to Delegate as Many Responsibilities as You Can.
  9. Use the Wonders of To-Do Lists to Your Advantage.
  10. Make Time for Yourself.
  11. Get enough Sleep.
  12. Stop Feeling Guilty!

Intriguing, eh? Worthy to be printed out and fridge-magnated, the list is practical, realistic, and fact-based. I’m impressed with the entire thought and presentation behind this product and with the infusion itself. I’ve tried it and, after a week, I’m sure it has improved my sleep-time.

Worth a try? Indubitably.

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.

Mahatma Gandhi

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