OH DEAR STUDIO - Light, Spontaneous, Candid, Natural

Janiqueel and Mr C visit a top photo studio in a holiday mood.

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.

Edward Steichen

It’s about the light. On the sunny morning of our visit, Melody Lin’s studio was kissed with light. Proudly celebrating his accomplishment of climbing many steps to the second story. Mr C and his smiles were in the mood for the shoot. Through French windows, the light enters the studio highlighting the rich wooden floors and walls “…decorated with contemporary french style wall beadings.” Based in a colonial-style conservation shophouse, the studio is redolent of the easy charm and hospitality of another era.

Like the studio, the atmosphere is light and welcoming. Melody greeted us, learned our names, chatted, and showed us into space perfectly suited to the job at hand – capturing our personalities inside a box. Mr C took one look at the white muslin curtain at the door of the changing room. Wrapped himself in it, and the peek-a-boo game was on.

Melody: “I do not believe in posing a child. Of course, I will try to ask them to do certain things (eg holding up the lantern or standing up) but the main of the shoot is all about having them having fun and enjoying the session.” That’s her style. It works. Fresh, lively, and light, Melody’s portraits are the essence of fun and ease. They capture the quirks and quintessence of the subjects.

Once peeled away from the peek-a-boo curtain, Mr C joined me to change into our red-checked gingham. He glommed onto a small Christmas present with a red bow that he happily clutched throughout. In front of a holiday-themed backdrop with a fireplace and real teddy bears and toys including a wooden rocking horse ready for a ride.

From these many, we chose those our favorites – not an easy task; they were ALL so good. This year, friends and family will see photos of a happy mother and child. For many years to come, we, too, will look at those photos and remember a sunny, happy day in a shophouse in Singapore.

Family and children’s photography is a specialty of OH DEAR STUDIO, but Melody is ready to accommodate couples, solos, in the studio, on the rooftop, or outside and follow up with personalized and prompt service.

If the photographer is interested in the people in front of her lens, and if she is compassionate, it’s already a lot.

The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.

Eve Arnold

Writing help by JKJ.

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