On the Water, Under the Sun Lazarus Island Your New Sea Sports Eco-Destination

Janiqueel visits a sea sports centre, near Singapore, yet so far away.

I love the paddle board. It’s just a really good way to recenter. Being on the water is peaceful, and you have to focus on your balance and holding yourself up. Doing a little bit of yoga under the sun on the water is really, really magical.

Jamie Anderson

Recently developed, now open and ready to cater to sea sports enthusiasts, beginners, and everyone in between who longs for exercise under the sun and in the water, Lazarus Sea Sports Centre (LSSC) features low-impact activities that offer the chance to paddle, practice yoga and commune with fellow adventurers while improving core strength and balance. With an emphasis on ecology and sustainable recreation, guests can reap the rewards of challenging exercise while luxuriating under the tropical sun. Located at Eagle Bay, one can get to the island by ferry from Sentosa Cove, Marina South Pier, or Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island. Newly-opened SOL is a cool convenience store by Bespoke Dining Club offering the usual grab-and-go options as well as microwavable items and ready-to-grill items – perfect for the day at the beach. 

Let’s have a peek at some of those activities:


For the solo paddler, for two, or more – especially families with one or two kids. Note: kids should be at least seven years old. Everyone, regardless of age is provided with a bright orange safety vest. Light and manoeuvrable, a kayak rewards a modicum of effort with speed and grace. Sitting so close to the water’s surface, a kayaker can feel a part of the sea. Reach out and touch the surface in a quiet embrace of the watery world.


is a high-tech way to propel one’s self sitting above the surface. Sitting a meter above the water, the sea bike is mounted on two pontoons that provide a wide, stable platform on which to peddle (not paddle). Easy on the joints, sea bicycling is a leisurely way to wend one’s way atop the small waves and ripples. If you’re looking for something a tad more energetic, pick up the peddle pace and be surprised at the speed that these minimalist machines can achieve. Are races with your companions allowed? Oh, my goodness, YES – with, perhaps a reward to the winner from SOL.


can hold together up to eight participants atop their stable boards. Dhyana boards with EVA non-slip decks provide a comfortable surface on which to hold yoga poses under the tutelage of an instructor. Feel peaceful natural surroundings as the water softly splashes against the deck. Like yoga itself, the experience is quietly rewarding and, in keeping with the LSSC theme sustainability theme, the activity has zero negative impact on tropical serenity.


is the basic board for the solo paddler who might be very experienced or out for the first ride. Although the experience may feel a little ungainly at first, it doesn’t take many strokes of the paddle to realize how stable and FUN it is to propel yourself. You will immediately feel the way your core responds to the stroking repetition. This is an exercise with a healthy (pun intended) dose of FUN included.


is designed for those who want to add speed to their exercise. The board is designed to be stable even in choppy conditions, but it performs admirably and swiftly on calm water as well. Taunt your family and/or friends to keep up with your pace – if they can.


is a shorter board with, again, great stability. With the younger set in mind, this is a perfect board for kids (at least 13 years old) to get the feel of paddle boarding with a minimum of frustration and maximum thrill.

Dhyana Yoga + SUP

is the aforementioned board which can be docked with others and an instructor, or used alone. Imagine yourself atop the ripples smoothly moving from pose to pose ON THE WATER. Be careful! You’ll be hooked by this new mode of exercise and expression.

Come alone or come together. Lazarus Island and the sustainable facilities of Lazarus Sea Sports Centre await. So near to Singapore in distance, yet so far away in spirit.

For more information, visit lazarus-seasports.biz

Research and writing help from JKJ

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