Our People, Our Home charity art exhibition

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Our People, Our Home
July 25 – August 15, 2014
Friday, July 25th, 4pm
Ode to Art Platform
Young Local Artists Celebrate National Day in A Meaningful Way
Our People, Our Home Art Exhibition supported by Business Times Budding Artists Fund and Ode to Art Gallery
  • Ode to Art Gallery lends support to these young and passionate local artists by providing art platform and guidance to help them organizing their own exhibition.
  • Budding artists contribute back to Business Times Budding Artists Fund through “Our People, Our Home” exhibition.
  • Internationally renowned artist, Hong Zhu An personally mentors these youths during the grand opening event
Supported by Ode to Art Gallery and Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF), five young artists from The Little Arts Academy gather together to present “Our People, Our Home” art exhibition.
In the spirit of patriotism, these talents are coming together to celebrate not only Singapore’s birthday but also their passion for art. At the exhibition, they will be showcasing their artworks, which are threaded by the National Day Parade’s theme of “Our People, Our Home”.
Celebrated artist Hong Zhu An is also lending support to this exhibition. No stranger to accolades, Hong has exhibited his works in Southeast Asia, the USA and Australia. Originally from China, he has spent the past 20 years in Singapore. Much of his success he achieved during his time here. Hence, he feels a sense of belonging to Singapore and is thankful for the opportunities the nation has given him. He is giving back by personally mentoring young and passionate artists during the grand opening event.

“Our People, Our Home Art Exhibition” will feature five artworks by these young artists supported by BT BAF. It is a very good platform for these passionate young artists to present not only their artworks, but themselves too.
All sales proceeds from the paintings contributed by these young artists will be contributed back to BT BAF to help others in the organization.
About the artworks

Lost Time Memory
120cm x 86cm
Mixed media on Canvas
Tan Wen Hao, 16
To me, tradition prevents the world from being boring, as without tradition, there will not be Chinese New Year, Tanabata, Hari Raya, Deepavali, or Christmas. Due to tradition, there are festivals, events and carnivals. My artwork features different parts of old Singapore. Do the pictures trigger some memories? What is Tradition to you?


120cm x 86cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Fernandez Leong, 21
I had taken the opportunity to explore a personal tradition of my family’s. Every year, the maternal family- aunts, uncles, cousins- would all travel together during the holidays. No matter when we went, as long as everybody was there, the trip would feel exciting and I would spend weeks anticipating the day we leave. 

120cm x 86cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Kang Joo Soon, 17
Being able to catch a glimpse of how a kampong looks like made me feel very fortunate. I can imagine how Singapore of old may have looked like. Something young people of my generation do not get to experience. With a simple roof above their heads, a vehicle for them to get from place to place, a natural playground for kids to have fun and bond with their peers, the kampong attracts nostalgia and memories of how we interact with our neighbours. 

Puppy Love
120cm x 86cm


Acrylic on Canvas


Ho Ming Jie, Jay, 17
“Should I?
This short-lived, burst of euphoria…
Am I able to shoulder such responsibilities…
But what if it turns out well? What if we were meant to be, Together?”


120cm x 86cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Tan Chong Hui Charles, 16
This painting depicts the legend behind the moon cake festival. I painted this as my family and I used to make our own mooncakes and that was our only time we spent together. This mooncake, to me, represents ‘family’. It is also a time for the Chinese to celebrate the day which I believe most people know about, “Chang Er and Hou Yi.”

Thanks Zelene for taking photos! 😀

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