Putting Sweat in its Place the Wristband Towel Your New Exercise Buddy

Janiqueel loves this new towel that snaps on like a wristband and goes with her as she bends, dances, jumps, and SWEATS!

First of its kind, the most efficient and hygienic way to carry your towel to all your fitness ​routines, so no sweat and no stress of it coming in contact with surface germs.

Fernando, founder of The Wristband Towel

It’s a good idea! Especially for those of us who like to exercise regularly and that’s A LOT OF US in these pandemic days who are hungry to get out there, feel the urge to work on our wellness. When we exercise, we sweat. To feel sweat is to know that you are giving it your all; that you are getting the most out of our enjoyable toil. But, let’s be honest here, sweat can be a mess and controlling it can be a hassle. Here to help is that good idea – the WRISTBAND TOWEL.

Guess where you wear it? Give up? ON YOUR WRIST! That’s no revelation to you, I’m sure. Wrap it around. Snap it securely, and voila! You have a handy towel right there on your right or left wrist (your choice). When on, the compact unit is not much larger than the average wrist band. Unsnap it, and you have a reasonably large, but compact, towel that will see you through the most robust of your fitness routines.

Fitness gyms, yoga & dance studios, running & cycling, soccer practice, the towel is made with these venues in mind. And it comes in an array of colours to match those new shorts and tops that you’ve just picked out to welcome the easing restrictions (YAY!!!). 

Happy to customize the Wristband Towels, company, gym, clubs, and events can all be added to the towel to show your commitment to health and fitness in an energetic way. It’s a way to show that you, your company, your club, your brand connect with sport, energy and fitness and with the new frontier of activity.

Tested to withstand at least 300 washes, the wristband towel is good to go for a year’s worth of toil and sweat. 

“Why haven’t I always had one of these?” You’ll ask yourself. Never mind. Now you do have an exercise kaki to keep you dry and happy as you become fitter.


You can visit www.wristbandtowel.com for more information.

Email fernando@wristbandtowel.com and mention “JANICELEONG” to enjoy free shipping for 2 or more wristband towels.

Research and writing help from JKJ.

One thought on “Putting Sweat in its Place the Wristband Towel Your New Exercise Buddy

  1. I really like the wristband towel! . It’s easy to use and fold. The material absorbs very good the sweat during the workout. It’s awesome to have my hands free when I’m running . Nice product 👍

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